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11/23/2002 c13 18Edele Lane
I'm not a S/V fan in the least, but your story had such a tremendous sense of longing (for Sydney and Vaughn) that I couldn't help but love it. The ending is absolutely perfect as well. Honestly, this is one of the greatest fan fics I have ever read.
8/31/2002 c13 Cececinderella
this is one of the best fic i've read! :)

just saying..its wonderful and it had me going.. :)
8/8/2002 c13 chosengurli
oh god! so great! keep going!
8/6/2002 c13 12laras-dice
I wanted to wait to review this until I was in the frame of mind to properly gush. I'm sure I've talked about your wonderful style (and parentheses, hee), the great details and description, and all of that fun stuff already. So let me talk "Running" as a whole.

First of all, congrats on finishing just an absolutely amazing undertaking. You've taken the reader on this whirlwind journey (and done a fabulous job of capturing the m/hotels and highways of America in the process), and thank you so much for that.

And for creating a fic that went beyond the traditional star-crossed s/v...from the very beginning, when we learned of the fate of her new and old friends, to the very open-ended ending. Nothing was perfect, and things were very real, and I like that about this fic.

It's been an amazing read, and I really feel like I've been on the journey with them, which has all along been my favorite thing about this fic...and a testament to how you've pulled me in as a reader.

Thanks again, and congratulations,

8/6/2002 c13 Quirk
OK YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW PISSED I AM! I'm loving this, right now i'm on vacation in london then tommorow morning i leave to france at my grandparents. They dont' have a computer 4 weeks w/ out a computer. NO FANFICTION STORYS. please please write more or else i'll die.
8/4/2002 c13 reader
ahhhhhh! what is she smiling about? i have to know!
8/3/2002 c13 3NYPDliz
This is an amzing story! I just read all 13 chapters in one shot, and I need more!
8/3/2002 c13 vaughnSydney
ahhhhhhhh! What did the note say? I love this fic, and i am so glad that you finally updated! Syd&Vaughn forever!
8/3/2002 c13 77thedorkygirl
Wow. That was very well written, Diana. I love the fact that you left the ending to the reader; what the note said, what Syd would do. It gives a sort of power to us - we can have it end, in our heads, however we want it to. Amazing.
8/2/2002 c13 aloof
Oh man. Bloody excellent. Deserves Pulitzer. :)
8/1/2002 c13 9gabby silang
There's been this tight, happy feeling in my stomach during the long time I've been reading this. In one sitting. Love it, love you, might want to marry you. :) Gotta be my favorite fic right now. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

8/1/2002 c13 Nickel
Ahh! You can't just leave us hanging. What does it say? is he coming back? does it say where he is? I gotta know. Please this is causing me an unneeded amount of stress. Please continue soon. I'm beggin ya.
8/1/2002 c13 42Celli

perfect ending to a perfect story.

Everything wrapped up that I'd been wondering about (the Alliance, Jack), nothing too HEA but just a tiny glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel...Diana, I love you. :)
8/1/2002 c11 Celli

That's all I have to say.

No, wait.

8/1/2002 c10 Celli
*whimper* I am so torn between wanting to hug Sydney and smack the crap out of her.

No question about what I want to do to Vaughn now. *g* Black-haired, blue-eyed Vaughn. Sheesh.
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