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for Life is Short Live it Large

8/29/2015 c1 11gatewatcher
What a great reminder. Lovely words.
5/22/2012 c1 293FaithinBones
I'd like to see their bucket list now.
8/23/2011 c1 KittyOrens
I'm new to this site, and not a writer myself, but do love to read. This the the first time I'm writing a review, but I really love this writer's stories so I feel compelled to say so.

What a great story, one I would love to see actually played out on the show!

Like another one of this writer's other stories, "The Faith in the Dream" I found this piece to be very moving and entertaining.

I enjoyed the humor very much.

I like the way the writer found a way to entwine what is happening in her life with her colleagues into a meaninful story about characters that I've come to love!
8/23/2011 c1 mendenbar
Ah, counted cross-stitch, but bane of near-sighted eyes and arthritic fingers (I still do cross-stitch, but not counted. Aida cloth is beyond me now.)

Don't have a list,myself. I know that even if I were dying I still couldn't afford to do any of them that I don't do daily now - like tell my family I love them. It is beyond price and no amount of money can buy it; dying wouldn't change it. I think Booth and Brennan may understand that themselves.
8/22/2011 c1 21GatesKeeper
I've read quite a lot of these "bucket list stories" by now, and I think this one has to be the best. For one, you took an unusual approach by having Bones bring it up as a topic of discussion. Number two, I think with the whole Hannah-fiasco, everyone likes fics that reassure us they were always thinking about each-other. You stayed on-character, and the story flowed nicely from one thought to the other. I don't favorite often, and I think I have only one other Bones favorite, so consider it one of the biggest compliments I can give.
8/22/2011 c1 crazeeria
loved it! That was cute! I love how she surprised him by knowing what a bucket list was! I also love how they both had breaking the laws of physics on their list! Life is definitely too short.
8/22/2011 c1 64nattylovesjordy
TALK ABOUT AN HH ENDING, LOL! Geeze. Yes, just trail off there.

The whole. story. I was all giggling and hiding my face in my arm. When it said "Show Bones how to break the laws of physics" I clapped, lol. Definitely loved that part and the last line.

It was great! I like that ending, which I believe you said was the one you rewrote. Awesome.

8/22/2011 c1 22CrayonClown
Life is definitely too short. I have a saying on my tumblr that says, "The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost." The thought of losing someone dear to you is enough to really put things into perspective.



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