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8/30/2022 c64 116jeff
If Charlie and Renee are still married, shouldn't she be on his insurance too?
8/30/2022 c61 116jeff
Ruh roh. No condom?
8/30/2022 c52 116jeff
Haha! I love that Emmett's a crier!
8/30/2022 c36 116jeff
Ahh. Renee is bipolar?
8/30/2022 c23 116jeff
Ugh. Please let her get away from Renee. Or maybe Renee will somehow get better. But please don't make her stay with this looney forever. Charlie was right. Bella is an enabler.
9/21/2021 c77 cbzoo
how can this be done? Was it a boy or a girl. name, future babies etc : (
9/21/2021 c74 cbzoo
aww that was sweet
9/21/2021 c33 cbzoo
read that it was good too
9/20/2021 c24 cbzoo
I wasn't feeling well yesterday and made my own Campbells
9/20/2021 c16 cbzoo
he doesn't seem terrified
9/20/2021 c14 cbzoo
Thanks Kitty
9/20/2021 c9 cbzoo
lol that would probably be a limit for me I hate those things
9/20/2021 c6 cbzoo
I like it so far
9/18/2021 c3 cbzoo
LOL I am a lesbian and I would do him in a New York Minute
9/9/2021 c77 22kadronya
I love your story
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