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10/13/2011 c8 DavidZahir
I really, really like this story. An interesting background, a take on the whole thing that was original, kinda heart-breaking and joyfully disturbing. Bravo!

My only complaint is the very, very end when you strayed from the dictum "Show, don't tell." Methinks you had a wonderful setup-Abby and Owen attending one of these "plays" about themselves without anyone in the cast or audience realizing who they were-which was far superior to the "data dump" method you ended up using. Wish you'd explored that.

Technically, I am a bit curious just when Abby and Owen had a chance to do many...experiments...prior to this scene when they try the kama sutra...
10/10/2011 c8 32TorontoBatFan
Awesome finale. Sorry I haven't reviewed yet, but I was away for the weekend.

Well, it sounds like New Haven is fairly secure thanks to the sunlamps. The wall from "King Kong"? I hope you mean the GOOD version (i.e. 1933) rather than that OTHER one from 1976. LOL j/k (Alright, it DID have The Dude in it. :-D) BTW, does that mean they have a giant door big enough to allow in whatever they're trying to keep out? LOL (Sorry, but that was kind of a major plot hole.)

Doctor Versarious? Wow. For some reason I keep flashing to Dr. Praetorious from "The Bride of Frankenstein". LOL) And again, for some reason, I imagine a guy who always has a white lab smock on, perpetually has a bad hairdo, and lacks a few social skills. LOL

I did like his speech to the New Haven Council though. It reminded me of Jor-El's speech to the Council of Elders on Krypton at the start of "Superman: The Movie". I presume that was your paying homage there, as some of his lines are exactly the same. ("You know me to be neither rash nor impulsive.")

Hmmm. I'd have thought that Owen and Abby could have travelled faster than a Cessna. But a twin-engine one? I guess it'd be approximately the same, PLUS the plane would allow them a place to shelter from the sun if they were delayed. I'll bet that was the first time Abby was in an airplane. Heh-heh. You should edit in a scene where she's nervous, as she's flying but not in control of the flight (a new experiences for her). The pilot asks if she's afraid to fly. She replies "Only in an airplane."

The fight with Black Hat was good. As they took his blood, do they now have access to all his memories of The Queen? (BTW, she reminds me of The Borg Queen from "Star Trek: First Contact.") His "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" ending was well done. I liked how Owen was carrying Abby at the end, as she was carrying him after earlier injuries. Now it's his turn to help her.

Also, interestiing how you have different species of vampires. That's a theme I plan to look at a bit in my fics. The idea that there are different types of vampires. They have the same basics -immortal, need blood, avoid sunlight, etc. But they also have some differences -i.e. other types can bite and take blood without automatically turning the person they take from, etc.

I loved the idea of them becoming legends amongst the human population. With the kids, Owen and Abby could probably even join in their play groups without revealing their identities. (I thought a funny scene you could edit might be speculation on what they look like. One kid says that Abby's so strong, she would have to weigh a certain amount...Abby overhears this and is insulted. Owen has to hold her back. LOL)

Now, how long is it until this play takes place? I'm just wondering because they seem to have their first time right after going to see it. Heh-heh. I wonder how explicit the play is. i.e. Would the actors have to do on-stage nudity? LOL (Again, begs for an edit. While watching their theatricl counterparts nude on stage, Abby whisers to Owen that he shouldn't worry. She thinks that HE -Owen- is hotter and...more impressive. LOL)

I just LOVED their first time scene. (Although I agree with another reviewer. They should, perhaps, leave the "Kama Sutra" alone until they've gotten than hang of it more. LOL With their abilities, they could even write their own manual in time.) Owen is clearly a very giving and sensitive lover in how he's more concerned with Abby's pleasure than his own. And what they did to their bed...To paraphrase Roy Scheider as Chief Brody: They're gonna need a stronger bed. LOL I can see them going to a local metalshop and asking how much trouble it would be to make a bed frome out of reinforced titanium, or something like that. LOL The metalsmith gives them a weird look that causes them both to blush. The metalsmiths' son -a teenager- look at Owen ad says "DUDE!" and gives him a high-five. LOL I wish you'd shown them trying it on the ceiling. LOL

Now, the only thing I wonder about is just HOW they deliver the cure to the ferals. Do they send parties out with dart guns? I guess that would work. Of course, it would be a slow process. But, I'm presuming that restoring the human race would be a long-term project that would take years to complete. On the flip-side, as more ferals are cured, there would be more humans to hunt other ferals and turn them. Once that tipping point is reached, it would go quite fast.

And, I loved the final scene where they finally have a simple, peaceful night together.

I can't wait for your next work. :-D
10/6/2011 c8 BigFriendlyGun9000
YAY! Another good one! You worked hard on this, and I really liked it. Wonderful end to a great story!
10/6/2011 c8 VivianVolkoff
I had hoped their first time would be a bit more romantic, but that's just me. Lol. The Kama Sutra bit felt out of place, IMO.

Exciting battle against Black Hat. Using his blood to boost their own strengths was clever. And then his Terminator 2 style death was really cool (pun intended).

I'm glad the cure worked out and that both Earth and humans are recovering. I wonder if the cultists will try to resist the changing world, especially since it came at the hands of two vampires.

Very fun story overall. A good blend of humor, action, romance, and horror.

This last part is just me thinking out loud - It would be cool for an epilogue type thing where the doctors manage to synthesize a vaccine for Abby and Owen as well. Living forever is great, but I bet they would love to experience the joys of growing old together!
10/3/2011 c7 TorontoBatFan
Awesome chapter.

Eric...Did the ferals make him this crazy? Or was he always like this and the Stake Land turn of the world just allowed him to find a practical application for it? LOL I'm trying to imagine what he could do once they get the world back to semblance of normal. Morning shift DJ? Own call-in advice show? LOL

Hmm. I wouldn't think holding up the bus would be THAT hard. I mean, considering how strong they are, holding up a bus together wouldn't be that difficult. Their hands might get stiff, but that's about it.

Now, these UV lights seem pretty deadly to vampires. Why didn't they have them installed at the gates of Shangri-La? Or, is that just a plot hole that should be ignored? LOL

Gloria...She got what she deserved. I did like how Abby was so tender and caring about Owen, knowing he was still much weaker than she was. I loved her speech to Bob about how anyone who messes with him would die. It's something Kenny and his cronies found out already.

BTW, one thing nobody seems to have noticed. Wouldn't their clothing have been burned off of them completely? Did Eric have spare clothes packed on the bus, or are Owen and Abby back to essentiually wearing cast-offs from others.

At least Gloria served some purpose in her life. And it's ironically fitting. She hurt Owen and Abby. Not it's her blood that is helping them heal. It all balances out. :-D I wonder if Owen would ever comment on Gloria that she would've reminded him of his mother?

That's interesting: That Abby would have now chosen to have become a vampire as it meant that she would have lived long enough to meet Owen. I've gone with the idea that Owen turned her condition from a curse into a gift. And, if they can find a way for them to feed without killing people, I think Abby would start to enjoy her life and all the things she can do.

Bummer. A breakdown ten miles from New Haven. I don't see what the issue is with Owen and Abby. The human survivors aren't moving out until dawn. That night, they just explain the situation to Abby and Owen. Here's what they do. At first light, they all walk to New Haven. One person stays behind to make sure Owen and Abby are safe. At night, Owen and Abby go the rest of the way. Abby can fly herself, Owen and the volunteer who stayed behind, to the colony without any problems. As for the weapons, that couldn't be carried could be left there and a retrieval party sent back for them. Once they reach New Haven there'd be more than enough daylight for them to get back to bus and back to New Haven safely. Owen and Abby could even ferry the heavy stuff there at night. Geez. A little planning, people! LOL :-D

Heh-heh. I loved Owen's reaction to boredom...get busy with Abby. LOL Owen still is...aroused...when he's running through the woods as a decoy? LOL Well, at least he's gotten used to being naked with Abby. Shame the cannibals interrupted them. But, at least they got some dinner out of it...Even if they didn't semll good. Abby, I guess, wants their actual consummation to be something special. Maybe it'll be saved for when they're in New Haven and they've been able to prefect the cure and start restoring the word to normal again. I can see Owen wanting to make it special night...music...a video...etc

Heh-heh. So, they're going to find a lake nearby, huh? Cool. I hope nobody at the bus heard them. I can imagine Corey waking up and seeing them, arrive back nude and sopping wet to put their clothes back on. LOL

I can't wait for Chapter 8. :-D
10/1/2011 c7 DavidZahir
Okay, I'm amused that Owen's reaction to feeling well again was to get fresh.
10/1/2011 c7 BigFriendlyGun9000
YAY! Ding Dong, the witch is dead! Seriously, I hated Gloria. Besides that, I really liked the fight with the cannibals.
10/1/2011 c7 VivianVolkoff
Another great chapter!

I shoulda known that Gloria would be such a, excuse my language, bitch! Lol. Abby's reaction was really intense, especially the way she said she'd kill anyone who tried to hurt Owen. At least Gloria's blood improved their healing.

Will be interesting to see what the people will face during the daylight hours (I'm guessing other humans who are just as bad as those cannibals or cultists) on their journey to New Haven. That would be really bad news for Owen and Abby if their containers got opened.

It's nice to see that Abby and Owen are so comfortable and intimate with each other now. Gotta say though, them getting naughty in the trees and then killing cannibals in the nude wasn't what I was expecting! (shouldn't they clean off the guts of their recent victims before continuing? Lol!)
10/1/2011 c6 TorontoBatFan
Awesome, action packed chapter.

Forty-one survivors out of six hundred? Well, it COULD be worse. Shame they couldn't swap Luke for the religious fanatic.

Alright, I'm loving Eric with his battle bus. He sounds so...gleefully insane.

He reminds me of Bert Gummer, Michael Gross' character from the "Tremors" films. Someone even has the same line about them not being able to make fun of his lifestyle any longer. LOL I'm guessing that was a shout-out there.

I mean, a bazooka, bulletproof windows, a rocket launcher, tanning bed lights and even music? The guy deserves his own spin-off. (I am surprised at his musical taste. I was expecting Johnny Cash.)

It's good that Abby was able to save the half-dozen kids by the bar. As for the others who were turned into ferals...at least once they have the cure, there's a chance they can be turned back. I also loved how Black Hat was more ticked off about his hat being trahsed.

And then there's Corey. It's nice to see that he's realized how bad it would be to mess with Owen's girlfriend.

Well, that's all I can review for now. I just did a marathon writing session for EB-4. Sorry, but I'm fallisng asleep here. LOL
9/30/2011 c6 BigFriendlyGun9000
I liked the battle, but Eric needs a therapist and four padded walls.
9/30/2011 c6 VivianVolkoff
The battle bus is cool! Exciting and action-packed chapter.

It's a shame that the doctor died, but at least his research has a chance to make it through. The crazy lady is the one that deserved it! Harsh, I know, but she annoys me. Lol.

Glad some people made it out, especially the kids. Hope Owen and Corey can get along! Abby is surprised that Corey still likes her and I have to wonder if that isn't stirring up some fondness for him. That would be some crazy drama waiting to happen. Of course that would be pretty contradictory to her character since Abby spent so many years chasing after Owen. Bleh. I'm probably looking too deeply into that already.

Black Hat seems to suspect their plans on making a cure. I'm betting he's gonna be trying his best to stop that from happening. He's so strong, though, I hope Abby and Owen will be able to thwart his efforts! Keep it up, waiting for the next! =)
9/30/2011 c6 NoOneYouDontKnow
Epic chapter.

I have a realllly bad feeling that Gloria is gonna get people killed somehow. Though she can be a meal-to-go for Owen and Abby if she tries something stupid.

Black Hat is pretty powerful. I wonder what would have happened had Owen managed to bite and drink some of his blood, would he get some of his strength? Then again, if it worked that way, he could use some of Abby's too.

Can't wait for the next!
9/30/2011 c6 DavidZahir
An exciting if blood-curdling tale! I find myself wondering if Will Smith's character from I AM LEGEND is out there somewhere, along with maybe other characters from various movies, t.v. shows, books etc.?
9/24/2011 c5 TorontoBatFan

What a roller coaster of a chapter. It went from the lighter bit of Owen jealous of Corey (Not, I presume, Cody. LOL), to the wifebeater to the climax with the ferals and the primeval vampire.

I really hope that you were kidding about there being a longer wait between chapters because this is an evil cliffhanger.

Ok. That ending was CHILLING. Just the image of Abby picking up sounds that nobody else can -the train and classical music- as a portent of deadly danger works so well on a number of levels. (The music...a train coming from out of the distance like a ghost...Abby detecting the new guy...etc.) I must admit I didn't recognize what the Crossover element was from.

It definitely doesn't look good for Shangri-La. However, I'm guessing that whoever is leading the ferals never figured on a pair of "classical" vampires being there. Would it be erroneous to assume that this is where Owen and Abby get the rest of the people in Shangri-La to trust them and realize that they're trying to help? At the very least, they would have to save Luke and get him to New Haven. Or, his research at least.

Now, if the colony is doomed and Luke tells Owen and Abby to take his research to New Haven, that would be quite a trip. They'd have at least 2000 miles to travel and have to avoid both ferals, religious nuts and other colonists.

I'm still holding out hope that Owen and Abby can pull off something to save the colony. But, then what about the primeval vampire? It's clearly someone who Abby knows of. Is it, by any chance, her sire? I'm wondering if this guy is behind the feral outbreak to begin with. He clearly can control them.

At any rate, I'm dying to see how you reselve that cliffhanger.

Now, the earlier parts were quite funny. I chuckkled at Corey smashing himself into a tree. It was like "George of the Jungle". So glad Abby finally put him in his place about her relationship with Owen...especially when he tried to diss him.

I loved their scene in the closet, where Owen is clearly feeling jealous about Corey. I loved Owen's request to eat him and Abby's snicker in response. Owen should console himself with the knowledge that Abby probably would never let anyone but him touch her in an intimate way.

The cure bit sounds promising. Will Luke survive to discover it, or will Owen and Abby have to take his research to New Haven? Maybe they'll take Luke along with them. I mean, they'd have to have someway to convince the people in New Haven about their sincerity of their intentions.

This primeval vampire and his minions have provided a most interesting twist to the story. And, as I said before, a real cliffhanger. I desperately hope that you were kidding when you said that it might be a while before the next chapter is out. I truly can't wait for it.
9/24/2011 c5 BigFriendlyGun9000
Which thing are you making a crossover with?
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