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for Lovers in the Courtroom

1/14/2015 c4 Miso
This is So amazing! But now that I think about it... wouldn't "Mi-Edgeworth" sound more like "My Edgeworth"? Just saying. XD
7/17/2013 c4 Guest
3 ending 3
6/19/2012 c4 3I-Adore-Wuv-Stories
Oh man for a moment there I thought Edgeworth was going to be the one on bottom, darnit. But that was entertaining :D! Thanks for the nice story
9/7/2011 c4 5Forever the Uke
"Well in this case, I'm sure Lady Justice can turn a blind eye, to what's about to happen in her gardens.."

Phoenix gulped.

Oh boy. This guy's serious!

This had me laughing for ages XD YOUR AMAZING!

I look forward to more amazing-ness.. from you :D

Uke-chan x
9/2/2011 c4 2schlo5398
I completely agree with the last sentence :D I loved when they were teamed up and it was no exception in the story. I really liked how you ended the story. A lot of the time people go into details of their sex life and sometimes it's really nice to read more about their relationship.

Thank you for this enjoyable story. I hope to see more from you up here soon. Keep up the good work!
9/2/2011 c3 schlo5398
Awwwww! I like how you've brought Miles out of his shell a little bit, but not too much that it becomes out of character. You've done a great job with that in both of the stories.

Keep up the good work!
9/2/2011 c2 schlo5398
All of his cases in game and out of have more to them than meets the eye. I forgot to mention that when you introduced the story you said that you ignored the disbarment part and I want to say thank you. I'm not the biggest fan of hobo Phoenix . so that fact made me really happy :D

Great update! I'm really enjoying the play between Phoenix and Miles as well as the court case. It almost seems like one that would really be in the game. I haven't seen any plot holes either.

So keep up the good work and don't get down on yourself.
9/1/2011 c4 1Cookie Blossom
Wow! Great ending!

The part about Lucas and Cara was so sweet, and emotional. I guess she really was crazy. It was sad that she thought that they were going to field of white daisies.

When Marsh Trench broke down and started yelling, I was quite amused. He was slime. (:

Well done - another great story (:

Phoenix and Miles' relationship all made sense, so why are you worrying?

Thanks for writing! I hope you write another!

9/1/2011 c1 2schlo5398
I think you're doing a great job so far with the case and the names seem really AAish. Especially the defendant. I loved the whole shirt thing it really made me chuckle. Also the fact that right after saying that you'ld only have talking about sex you start in on the beginning of a sex scene ;D

Keep up the good work!
9/1/2011 c4 20EmaWritesFanfics
I love it when they team up too! I did like the ending, Miles is so funny, and oblivious to it. This story is awsome, I'm glad you wrote it. :)
8/30/2011 c3 EmaWritesFanfics
Awww, this is adorable. I love it! 'Good luck, Partner.' :D Eeep *Fangirl squee* I love how Flair opens up to Miles and I feel so badly for him, he must still be extremly hurt from DL-6...
8/29/2011 c3 1Cookie Blossom
Oh, wow! (: Haha, really great chapter! So full of...cuteness. I think that the end part was perfect (:

For some reason, I thought the bit where Flair mentioned her mum was really touching. Maybe the fact that she didn't say MY mum, she simply said 'mum'. Maybe I'm just odd...

The way Edgeworth was so sweet to Flair was also really touching. It must be hard, loosing a parent.

I wonder what the story behind Lucas/ Mr Harwton is? (:

Wow, to say I've never really liked court stories - I love this one! So much! I can't wait to see what happens (:

Thanks for the update!

~Cookie. (:
8/28/2011 c2 20EmaWritesFanfics
Awww... This is awesome, I really like it. Your case sounds really well thought out so far. :) Keep going! :D
8/27/2011 c2 1Cookie Blossom
Naw! Miles is jealous (: So cute!

I can't imagine Miles' embarrassment whilst in the cafe :P Phoenix is so... cheeky. (:

My favorite line was "I've never met anyone as amusing, annoying and addicting as Phoenix Wright - honestly." It was just so adorable (: So true.

Thanks for updating! And sorry that it took so long for me to review. I forgot to put this story on my favorites, so I didn't notice that chapter 2 was up! (:

8/27/2011 c1 Cookie Blossom
Yay! You wrote a new story! (:

Phoenix and Miles are so cute together - and I'm glad that you mentioned that they are still slightly awkward together. It makes it seem more real (:

It wad cute when Miles sniffed Phoenix's shirt :P

Usually I don't read court stories - but, of course, your one is fabulous. Good plot - I can't wait to see what happens!

Thanks for writing this - your stories are a pleasure to read!

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