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2/24/2013 c1 76xoVanilla-Bean
So, I read your story Perennial earlier today (and though I have not yet reviewed, you have to know that I AM going to review it. But reviewing that piece will take me a little time because OMG do you know how much I enjoyed that fic?)

And this one was such a great addition (since I guess I've decided that I'm going to link it with Perennial). I love these characters and their dynamics (and potential dynamics) and the way you're able to explore them with this crazy kind of ease. I've just uncovered Lackadaisy for myself, and I finished what Tracy Butler's posted yesterday, but from what I gather from the characters, I'd say that Ivy and Viktor and the little of Mordecai that's seen here are really well in character.

I knew that I liked the relationship that Viktor and Ivy had shown in the comic, what with Viktor's detached, sympathetic emotions clashing with what seemed to be a protective streak (though what I'd perceive as any affection toward Ivy might not even be that-I pretty much find two or three ways to read situations, so I could be totally wrong and reading into too many things but whatever), and Ivy's persistence in irritating him and how she can obliviously abuse him, but in that loving way - yeah, okay, hopefully I'm describing this right.

I didn't think I'd particularly get into the perspective of Ivy getting timed bursts of crushes on Viktor, I guess just from what I've gotten out of her character. But I totally do. It was surprisingly (or, I guess now, not surprisingly) so easy to see it all fall in that kind of direction. The power of fanfiction. I swear. I have a thing for Viktor and Ivy fics now. And there are maybe three on this site, or something ridiculous. I BLAME YOU.

What I really like about this fic was that you got into the mind of a fourteen year old Ivy, and how you addressed her silliness that a ton of adolescent girls are prone to have. "...So perhaps Ivy's sudden reverence cannot be wholly attributed to adolescent fickleness, either.)" And by this line, how you're able to, at least a little, contradict Ivy's silly five day fascination.

I also really like how you expand on the characters without ever, actually, leaving the characters. Like how you make it so believable about what they decide to do or say or /something/ but never, I feel, insult the character by changing them. Maybe I'll wait to review Perennial before I start getting into that.

Someone already mentioned in a review that they love your details. And I have to agree. Because. DETAILS OKAY. Details are what snag me. They're what make me fall in love with something-and you have some awesome details in here. They make the piece hum, and they make it strong. And you're really good with the specifics, like Alfred Noyes and the literature Ivy alludes to. Seriously, humor or not, this fic tugged at me. I think it was the sudden bouts of thoughtfulness in here. But also humor. Such funny, cute parts in here.

Is it hard to tell that I loved this? You're awesome. Keep on doin' what you're doin' because you've got an amazing, special talent.
7/18/2012 c1 7Her Honour
I absolutely loved this fic, I am continually blown away on how accurate the characters are and I wouldn't be surprised now if this pairing became canon. I love this pairing just because of the dynamic of it and you really made me feel so many emotions and just KUDOS!
Don't stop writing! And I await the next fic
12/11/2011 c1 lackadaisy FAN
really liked it i'm glad someone came up with a little story as to why Ivy doesn't like Viktor.

It was fun to read
11/12/2011 c1 24screennameless
I am very in agreement with SirusPolaris. It's those hard-to-catch details in your writing that really get me. I mean, your description, grammar, sentence structure, character faithfulness, etc. are all in order (and equally fantastic), but it's those tiny details that sell the whole package. Thanks for a great read.
11/2/2011 c1 23SirusPolaris
'What set you off was when he started on that rambling, incoherent apology for trying to mastermind the whole thing, and happened to get her name wrong.'

Dear God. It's little details like this that put my heart in a strangle-hold and refuse to let it go. You are fabulous, my dear. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful fic for this fandom!
9/7/2011 c1 anon
Your Lackadaisy fics light up my life. You have such a wonderful grasp of the characters, and I especially love the humor you insert when you're writing Ivy. Just. So perfect.

So yeah I loved this. c:
9/4/2011 c1 19the-mighty-pen325
Oh goodness.

This is just too cute. I can just picture Ivy being all starry-eyed and 'oh you big strong man, you' and Viktor being 'jeez voman, get the hell off me'(but secretly deep deep deep DEEP down being somewhat pleased). GOD I have an unhealthy obsession with this pairing.

I'd love to see the rest of the "silliness" on Ivy's behalf...with maybe even a pinch of "silliness" from Viktor (as much as Viktor can be silly, anyways).
8/26/2011 c1 8LizzySkellington
That was nice. I would like to see one where Viktor is somewhat nice to her. Even though he is sort of being nice by not shooting her like he would do if she was anyone else throwing a book at him. :)
8/26/2011 c1 Anny
Girl, you're on a roll! Your bursts of silliness are always appreciated.

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