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for Assassins of AnnĂºminas

6/20/2014 c8 SeanHicks4
Interesting cross, I would love to see you come back to it if only to see when Desmond woke up between The Hobbit and The Fellowship and how much of a role he will play in the war of the rings.
6/3/2014 c8 1Furionknight
I look forward to more :)
5/19/2014 c8 3Mystic Archer Horse
I honestly thought a cross over of the realities could be absolutely wretched. I thank you for proving me wrong. I am quite interested in observing how this tale plays out. I hope you do not plan on abandoning it. Would be a shame indeed if you did such a thing.
3/29/2014 c8 1Beloved Daughter
Fascinating story so far! I look forward to your next update and just how events will be woven together. :) Please update again soon!
2/18/2014 c8 guest
Ok I am a little confused as to what is going on. Why are the rangers upset with Dresmond? It is just because he has the foreign gold? If that is so why attack him? I don't know if this confusion is due to only have watched the Lord of the Rings movies or not. Could you please clarify these answers? Also I love the idea of an Assassin in Middle Earth and I look forward to your next update. Thanks
12/23/2013 c8 19JackFrost14
love this story
11/25/2013 c8 Jason123456
interesting story i saw you mentioned connor in this chapter i was wondering if Edward Kenway will also be included in this story.
9/4/2013 c8 When-You're-Evil
Ah, you're back!

And so the plot thickens...
I am most interested to see where you go from here :)
9/2/2013 c8 14KittyWillCutYou
You updated *rolls across the floor* yaaaaaay It's been so long but I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'm so excited! *giggling*
6/22/2013 c7 7TimeForced
Very interesting, including the way you melded the two universes. Hard to follow at times, but still entertaining.
4/7/2013 c7 Guest
Garrrrr! Write more!
2/19/2013 c7 14KittyWillCutYou
*shivers* I really REALLY enjoy reading your work. *bounces in my chair a bit cause I'm waiting for shit to really hit the fan*
2/19/2013 c7 RoyalTwinFangs
Not bad.
2/6/2013 c6 Guest
Great story so far. As it looks like it will not be completed. I'll just say I enjoyed what you did write.

As to the protest. I'd love to, but how do I join the protest?
10/29/2012 c6 Chappy Grimdark
I'll sign. Also, love the story so far
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