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for Croquet and Kisses

11/17/2016 c1 CrazySlytherin
love it
11/1/2014 c1 Guest
loved it
9/29/2013 c1 2see-TLAH-lee92
good going pansy can i go to the next one lol
9/5/2013 c1 nan55
A wonderful, beautiful story!
8/11/2013 c1 Noble Korhedron
Hmm, I dunno if I like LuMione, but this is juicy! :-P
4/8/2013 c1 7Hanable-13
very interesting... might have been better as a multi chapter... and if i have ur permission i might try it but a damn fine story any way. damn fine.

H :)
10/6/2012 c1 Megan Consoer
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
9/20/2012 c1 Guest
I wanted to like this story...but its got such a rapey vibe I can't stand to read the rest of it. And the fact that Hermione is turned on by that rapey vibe grosses me out more.
11/27/2011 c1 Miss Melinoe
Wonderfully written. Good job! :)
10/28/2011 c1 PersonWhoIsInLoveWithThisFic
Hi. I love this. It's literally brilliant. Please, for the sake of all your readers out there, PLEASE continue it? Even if it's just a little bit? (Teeny thing, when Hermione is talking to Adrian, and says 'you wish I was jealous?', it really should be 'You wish I were jealous?'. Sorry. That's all. I'm a grammar nazi like that) Anyway, love it again, stay awesome and write MORE please :) xxx
9/26/2011 c1 17Ladii Emelia
I'm not a fan of Hermione/Lucius, but this was an interesting plot and I enjoyed reading it.
9/19/2011 c1 sjrodgers23
Sequel to this story please thank you
9/12/2011 c1 2SnapeFanatic1
Lol, that was very very good. Sequel? Maybe?
9/6/2011 c1 jessi
Oh come on chap this! Its a amazing story
8/29/2011 c1 34DressagePunk
This story was so original, and interesting, even if it was smutty I loved the plot behind it and you did a wonderful job making the characters believable.
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