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10/11 c24 qellopee
Is this still going?
Please do not abandon this, I love it!
3/10/2019 c24 FranQuel
Muito decepcionada que você não terminou essa história.
11/19/2017 c24 flwffyta
please update
9/26/2017 c24 moodygoody
I loved this story, it's simply wonderful, oh how I wish to read more of it
9/15/2017 c24 Guest
You have to update this! I need more!
6/1/2017 c24 Long Lost Reader
Hi so I'm not sure what your plans are for this story anymore but i just wanted to let you know as a reader who followed this story from when it was on harrypotterfanfiction (and I finally found it again!) that I do hope you continue your work on this and quite possibly the sequel to it. This fanfic is one of my favorite stories on the internet and it got me into Dramione in the first place.

Anyway thanks for all the work you put into it,
Long Lost Reader
5/1/2017 c11 Unknown
Sorry, but there's something that bugs me. It should be Malfoys, not Malfoy's.

But i love your writing, it's amazing!
4/30/2017 c7 Unknown
I really like it, and all of the details. There is one thing that really annoys me though. In some instances you have used 'whose' instead of "who's". Sorry, Grammar Nazi at 3
4/6/2017 c24 Kiiu
It is so amazing please continu dying to know more plzzzzzzzzzzz update d next one please
1/11/2017 c24 chelleluv99
Its been a little over a year now, and your bio is somewhat recently updated. I hope you plan to continue this story, it's very good. I can't wait to read more c:
11/23/2016 c24 Guest
Why havent you continued ?
10/19/2016 c24 Fay
Hi I abosolutely love this fanfic of yours too! When will you update this?
And do you have plans to finish this?
Thanks :)
10/7/2016 c24 dreamer
please update :( it's almost a year since the last chapter.
6/18/2016 c24 Guest
Your stories are so good! I love the characterization :)
6/7/2016 c24 nolioli
I love this fiction. I have read hundred of Dramione and this is easily in my top 3. Please finish it soon!
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