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8/14/2012 c15 21Giselita
Love this one! and the scene i loved...now i do not remember...i think when hermione talks to astonia in the boutique and gave her a replay saying something like she was having an affaire or something with malfoy..
sorry for my pooo english is wayyy to early in the morning here! luckly my brain is at least working fairly good in spanish...do not want to pressure lol
8/4/2012 c15 GryffindorsPrincess
OMDS this chapter was just amazing! Awwww Malfoy actually comforted her...in his own way :/
ahh hope you update soon
8/1/2012 c15 Hannah
Please please update!
7/29/2012 c15 dreamer
I must say that I really like your story! It's different from others. Keep writing!
7/16/2012 c15 coldestenvy
Wow! I just found this story and read it all in one night. This last chapter was so good. I was sad that there wasn't more. Keep up the awesome job! This story really is amazing!
7/2/2012 c15 Guest

So... I caved. I had too! I missed your Draco too much! Like you said though, it hasn't changed much; at least not from what I can remember so far. Absolutely loving the tender moment between Draco and Hermione at the end there! Shows a side of him we rarely get to see. Anyways, your writing is brilliant as ever and I shall await the next chapter! (Gosh it's like deja-vu) ;)

xoxo Cheers!
6/28/2012 c15 16AmeliaDarkholme
Please, please, update this story as soon as you're done editing. Changing Fate is probably one of the best Dramione I've ever read.
6/24/2012 c15 Alice
I'm really enjoying this, I was already a Dramione fan and a Zutara fan (I've just recently finished The Black Games) and I love the way you write for both, it's realistic and a good pace. Please keep updating :)

The Purple Alice
6/23/2012 c15 3KagomeHime369
As an avid fan a Dramione ever since Hermione decked Draco in third year, I have to say this is the best rendition I have ever read! I give you tons of interweb cookies on diamond inlaid gold platters! I love love love how you kept Draco and Hermione true to themselves and not having them somehow "magically " fall in love. I feel a renewed sense of hope that FINALLY there is another author who saw and listened to the characters :) Thank-you sooo much! I will be eagerly (albeit sleeplessly) awaiting the next update! :)
6/8/2012 c15 andreaf
Just wanted to say i'm, sadly, a new reader, but I love this story! I literally screeched when I got to the end of this chapter and realized I had to wait for another update! I love that Draco is very realistic and not suddenly cliche and being hermione for love like most stories! So good!
6/7/2012 c1 Aleasha
Please bring wanted back !
6/6/2012 c15 Melanie666
Awesome chapter, the scene with the dinner was absolutely hilarious, Ron's eating habits are incredibly disgusting. God, he could even give a pig run for its money, and that's saying a lot. Also the whole invitations business was quite interesting.
6/6/2012 c15 Alenerien
Oh, it was so sweet, I especially liked the changes you made with the ending, I can't wait to see what are you going to do with the next chapter.

Hope you update soon.
6/2/2012 c15 Chichi
AWESOME! Loved it sooooo much. This was just thought out so well. LOVE IT! UPDATE!
6/1/2012 c15 Lesohul
Such a sweet chapter and kind of sad at the same time, poor Hermione :-( it certainly wasn't the best night for her (Ron kissing Lavender, being left alone at a ball), but hopefully something good will come out of her little nervous breakdown at the end, in regard to Draco and Hermione.
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