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for Life As We Knew It: Boston Boy Story

4/1/2014 c7 pinkdogtags
These r awesome!
6/22/2013 c18 70tiger002
No...you're far from the worst at leaving stories. Seriously, some of my favorite stories of all time have just been abandoned, and I'm also known for leaving stories. I'm just glad to see an update from you though.

This chapter was a good reminder of the struggle they're all going through, and the mistakes they've all made so far, but that fact that they're still getting through it, even though the worst is still to come.
6/21/2013 c18 6owlhero
I honestly forgot who pepper was until later on. It seems very eerie for there to be kids in school with almost no teache supevision and not for chaos to break out. I guess the reality of the situation has taken the joy out of it.

For some reason, I find it deeply ironic Zack is almost depending on Bailry to help turn Cody around. Especially with the way, Cody and Bailey made each other worse in certain situations during canon moments. The thinking about history was pretty good considering in that situation, you would think if anyone would remember the human race if we died out or something.

The twins' relationship slowling going back to normal is grear and the fact its gradual makes it realistic,. You can't just forgive everything so quickly. But at least they are on their way back to normal with the usual teenage aspects.

I must admit the last scene had me going in a different. It shows the Picketts in a different light than normal, but that's understandable. I still think there's another side to them you've not shown of them yet. But all this does add another interesting angle to the relationships. You have to wonder what the Martins will think if they found out? Especially since Gwen was pretty recent...

Of course this adds a whole new level of conflict to the story. Nice.

No you are not the most reliable fanfiction updater.
6/19/2013 c18 2japrilss
Finally! You updated! I had thought you forgotten about this story.
4/17/2013 c17 NothingLastsFor3v3r
Whoa, I'm really liking the depth of this story. It's really realistic on what would happen and how people would act if it ever happened. I hope their food lasts a lot longer and maybe they find some petrol or something for the generator. People are probably gonna be freaking now cause of the ash clouds and total darkness. Anyways, please please update soon. I really like this story and am fascinated by it. Continue and update this please. xo
12/4/2012 c1 santa
please please please update i love your story please update!
10/7/2012 c17 70tiger002
I wondered how volcanic ash could spread so suddnely, but of what I've heard about Yellowstone, it makes sense. I like seeing Zack and Cody's mended relationship, but that part seemed a bit flat for how long you had been building up to it for. Still, with what I'm sure's to come, they'll need all the help they could get.
10/7/2012 c17 6owlhero
Wow, this got critical real quick.

Cody breaking down like was real amazing. But I guess what he did had to smack him in the face. Especially the visuals. I did not think the twin's relationship would rebound like that and so quickly too. I can still see Cody's actions affect his state of mind.

At the same time, the early uneasiness between the twins and the newcomers is understandable. I found it a little...morbid for them to sort of "bond" over the smell of a dead body and its effects. Bailey's view on Drew makes sense considering what probablly has seen since leaving the farm. I agree completely with her.

The worldly knowledge Bailey's family brings of the outsides shows a whole new element in the story: How in some aspects, the inhabitants of Boston were isolated from the outside from a lack of information. It also they have been limited from most of the goulish aspects of the current situation. Granted we have been a limited point of view here. Now not so much.

It appears dealing with dead animals on the farm has advantages here with death surrounding them all. It is a little creepy for Bailey to be able to guess time of death so well. The volcanic ash argument almost melded in with their arguments fom the show.

Speaking of London, do you have any intention of letting us the stuation with other characters.

Zack's add crack lightened the mood a little bit. Its not impossible for him to have it.
10/6/2012 c16 owlhero
So much to work through here.

I love your williness to add some character background to Bailey's family. It made me feel more worried about them.

I was almost afraid of bailey's family not being allowed at the Tipton, but humanity was still in their hearts even though their paranoria is somewhat justified.

Zack confronting Cody was something I was waiting for a while. That could go in many directions from pain to closeness in many forms. The walls around both of them could cause serious problems in the future. Their fighting like this is seen often. Its refeshing in an odd sort of way.

Cody's words at the end could have two meanings: All the pressure is now starting to show more openly for others to see or he could heading towards a psychic break. his seem to be meant for himself almost as forgiveness for Drew and self-justiification as well.

Poor Zack, all this and that wonderful at the time anniversy at one time. He is sure being eaten up from inside.

Carey forgetting about Cody reminds me of the distracted mother on the show. Overwhelmed and tired but barely hanging on. Her fear about Kurt brought bak that almost forgotten story line.

I cant recall if Moseby had a gun before, but its never good when one appears in a story. They have a pretension of going off at bad times.

Having Bailey notice Zack in a very teenage light sheds light on both of them.

There was a few spelling mistakes and a couple of missing words throughout the chapter. Nothing serious but I was just being picky. Just do a last check before posting or have someone else do a quick read. Dont worry if there are mistakes, just try to limit them. i still make them in my writing.

Most of the errors are centered in the fat paragraph in the middle after bailey's family enters the hotel for the first time. Its very easy to miss errors in large block paragraphs like that.
10/6/2012 c16 70tiger002
Well, it's been a while, I had hoped you didn't give this up, so I'm glad to see more of it here.

A gun... One of the rules of liturature, if a gun is shown, it's going to be used. And I recall seeing that you were going to kill a character a while back. Oh no...

It also makes me wonder, Carey is wanting to protect the ones she cared about, just like Bailey's family. And yet, one is willing to use a deadly weapon to do so. I think of all the stories, where Bailey and Carey became friends, but I get the feeling this may be far from the case here.

Hm...I guess I was wrong with them being allowed to stay here.

Seeing Zack and Cody's relationship so broken, it really hurts. I love seeing them together, working to overcome whatever evil ideas authors throw at them, but Cody doesn't even want to talk to Zack. I get the feeling something is going to have to happen to bring them back together, but perhaps a lot of pain in the process.

I look forward to seeing your new chapter tomorrow too!
10/6/2012 c16 tiger
I'm at the school library, checking email and I saw this. I don't have time to review this now, but I will later. I just wanted to tell you I was looking at this story the other night, and was going to bug you to update, so it's great to see this here.
9/17/2012 c11 2japrilss
The big word...Update... you need to do this please! I'm waiting for the next chapter!
8/12/2012 c15 5M-Chu
Great chapter I really like your story.
8/9/2012 c15 flufflekinz8188
A sequel? That's awesome! I'm so excited! And I can't wait to see what happens with Bailey and her family, Gwen, everybody! Fabulous chapter! Keep writing! :DDDDD
8/8/2012 c15 2japrilss
Your welcome! I love this story! Please Update soon!

ilovecailey4eva :)
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