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6/25/2016 c10 Guest
Awesmazing. I know I'm coming in 4 years late but please. CONTINUE! CONTINUE! CONTINUE!
5/29/2015 c10 Ty x deuce shipper
I really f**king hate cliff hangers but not the story or you I love the story I just really hate cliff hangers
6/22/2014 c10 1TEAFH
What the hell was that
8/20/2013 c10 Need MOAR D
I'm soo hooked up with this story I check every week for an update but NOTHING ! ._. please please please keep up the good work I want to know what happens to Alex D:
8/1/2013 c5 L03ly3
Cute story line! I like it so far but could u add quotation marks so its easier to read? Other then that I think it's sweet ;) keep it up
5/18/2013 c10 Ashton
What the where's the rest
4/8/2013 c10 Lia H
Any possibility that you'll update soon? Please do!
2/24/2013 c10 CharmingLady56
More please!
6/14/2012 c10 THEREAL JeffreeSTAR
Hey, this is this best fucking story ever. I only have problem, why did they not wind up fucking? Isn't that why that sat through that shit-oppra-thing? I really hope you do a new chapter!
5/18/2012 c1 evejonas88
Update soon
5/14/2012 c1 Trina
Update soon
4/18/2012 c1 Terrific
One of the best stories in the fan fix site need more deuce Ty stories
4/18/2012 c10 Guest
Oh snap! It's getting real now good job with the chapter keep it up
3/9/2012 c9 Guest
Ooo plz update I'm really into both of your stories and I want to know what happens next lol
2/27/2012 c9 Guest
Update again I love both your stories and they just keep getting better keep it up!
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