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for All That Is Left

3/12/2012 c30 5Madgie
Oh, that was lovely. I've really enjoyed reading it, and the unveiling of memorial statue was a nice touch to end on. Poor Robert, but then, i don't know that I could imagine him ever being particularly happy without Cora...
3/12/2012 c30 caraxes
It was amazing! Thank you so much for writing it! You are very, very, very talented! I'll go read your other stories now! Bye ^^
3/12/2012 c30 8eridani
I'm so pleased to see this story has gotten so much attention and so many reviews- it deserves them all! It's been a wonderful ride! Thanks!
3/12/2012 c30 Ashlayne4
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I enjoyed it throughly, thanks :)
3/12/2012 c29 caraxes
I hope Carlisle will leave them in peace!

The end was so romantic! Matthew is fantastic!
3/12/2012 c28 caraxes

I hope they'll have many more children! ^^
3/12/2012 c27 caraxes
Wow so many chapters! And the story is already finished! I fell like I've missed all the fun ... lol

Very sad about Cora's death... But we will have a new little Crawley very soon! So happy!
3/11/2012 c30 smndolphin
You're not alone re: crying! On one hand I was ecstatic to see a new update for this and on the other unbearably sad because I knew it was the end. Am a bit of a blubbing mess so please forgive incoherence in advance!

Was a bit shocked when Thomas was tending to Matthew and called him "Your Lordship". I think I had to read that part over a few times, especially given the date, to make sure I read write, which started the barrage of tears at the loss of Robert. I loved him as a grandpapa and while the way you wrote him out was perfectly in character, it still broke my heart to pieces. But it made sense. And re: Thomas, I'd like to think this Thomas would be a bit more mature and I liked the banter between the two. Plus, it's clear the war has created a bond for them, the way it did with Robert and Bates, so nice symmetry there.

Poor Matthew with having to make a speech et al and loved how Mary just is there for him. Very realistic that the war would continue to haunt him, and I could just see the changing expressions on Dan and Michelle and would love to see a scene like this between them. Matthew went through a horrifying ordeal, it only makes sense he would still carry it. I loved the line that he was sometimes scared *this* was the dream and the nightmare of being trapped in a trench with only letters and photos was real. And Mary having her own negative memories brought on by the mere presence of the uniform. And if my heart wasn't already breaking enough with how they were missing Robert ... poor little Catherine! Of course in her mind uniform = Papa going away. I could just see the little girl running up to Matthew with tears in her eyes. And of course he would be gutted at the sight of his precious baby girl crying. And then

Catherine asked if he was going away, the light going on in Mabel's head, and along with the little girls I'm a sobbing mess. Loved how Matthew assured him he'd never go away again and how Mary offered her comfort and support.

And now for one of the best parts, Matthew as Earl. I loved how his family stood by him and you made it so easy to see how he drew on their strength. Loved that he thought of dear William, and pressed on ahead. You've always made it easy to visualize what's happening in this story and I could hear Dan in my head saying those words, and they fit Matthew perfectly. Reverent when needed, and just a little unpolished because he wasn't speaking from a script, but from his heart and emotions are never perfectly polished, so a bit of a curse word (comparatively mild for us now, but definitely not then). I *loved* the idea of the commemorative stone, and dear Matthew acknowledging those from

Downton who had made the ultimate sacrifice for not so much King and Country but for Home. But the difficult task was made so much lighter with Mary by his side, and of course the day reminded each how damn close they came to losing each other, making the fact that they survived all that much more precious.

The bit with the girls wondering where Matthew's name was because he was brave too was endearing, because of course how they clearly grasp it was a GOOD thing his name was NOT there. And little Bel trying to say Matthew's name ... SO adorable! Good thing I was already a blubbering mess because the visual of Matthew explaining why he wasn't on the list would have done it. Lovely family moment complete with Isobel. I do miss Robert dearly, but I am loving Matthew, Earl of Grantham very much.

Loved the moments at Crawley house which ... yikes ... really had been home for so long. Adorable that the children remembered.

And then course, Matthew and Mary in their bedroom. Like I said last time, I love how it's clear that the fire between the two has only gotten stronger. And then you brought us back to the beginning, with him thanking her for coming after him, and nice use of the line from CS. It is so hard to imagine while reading this how they could have made it work without the other. Even apart, they were each other's strength, and they always, always will be, even more so now that they will always be together.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. There are no words for how much I wish series 2 had played out like this, all the good and the challenges. I love how you showed Matthew and Mary as true soulmates. They'd have survived without each other, but can only be alive while together. It was amazing seeing their love grow amongst the chaos they were thrown in, and all the lovely things that came from it. Thank you so so much for sharing this and I can't wait to see what you'll write next! All the best.
3/11/2012 c30 Giuliette
Great great great story. Maybe a new one next season?


3/11/2012 c30 Alimander
Thanks for a lovely alt vision of their world- and thanks for sticking with it! The last chapter was touching.
3/11/2012 c30 Mbee11
This was really the first fanfic that I've read and it has been such a joy to keep up with it. I am sad that it's completed but I'm sure I'll re-read it a few (hundred) times. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
3/11/2012 c30 Kathywoman
Loved it! This is my first time reviewing anything, and I'm so sad the story has ended. I've eagerly anticipated each and every update and almost feel like I'm losing a friend. That being said, I look forward to all the other stories you may write. :)
3/11/2012 c30 Lady Maurelle
This is the first Downton Abbey fanfic I have read and I loved it! Thank-you for writting this wonderful story!
3/11/2012 c30 paladin1916
3/11/2012 c30 promentory
Thank you for this incredible story. Thank you for writing it so beautifully and staying so true to the characters and imagining such a wonderful family and life for them. This story has been and will be a legendary one in the Downton fandom, I hope you know that! Again, thank you.
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