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2/23/2012 c27 wodlesdooles
Whoa! Finished this in 5 hrs, Killing off Cora was a good choice, but I don't see how it was due to the m/m "curse", I thought you were going to kill off one of their kids!

I wish there were more stories like yours, I can't wait for series 3! Do you have any m/m fic recommendations?
2/22/2012 c27 Nan7
One word...wow! I literally just finished this in 2 days. Your writing is just sooo wonderful. Now, I have to go finish 2 chapters for my humanities quiz...

2/22/2012 c27 atlantisbabe34
I is so sad you killed off Cora, but i love this fic too much to care ahahah. I can't tell you how much i've enjoyed this fic!
2/21/2012 c27 15Serena89
wow. I feel almost physically drained, it's been an emotional roller-coaster.

I must say that when Clarkson said he was sure Mary had the flu I was reassured and thought "thank God, she's pregnant". Because if there's ONE thing I'm sure when it comes to Downton is: Clarkson is an idiot. But then I wondered who was going to die, and until the last moment I didn't think it would've been Cora. It was tragic, the way Sybil wailed at her loss (a sound that will never leave Matthew, in a way) made me think of all the time they've wasted, with Sybil away, and how she must be feeling guilty and desperate about it. Edith quiet sorrow, her fear for both sister and mother, and her wish to be there when either would need her - even if she could nothing really. But it was Robert, who was torn between his pride and his love, searching and finding support and a confident in Matthew, and then completely lost in his grief...eventually realizing that he'd been a fool, and needing ALL of his daughters to be happy however, and always close to him so that he didn't have to know more loss...it was his journey that touched me the most.

Oh, the dance. I was wondering about that. You transformed that wonderfully - that almost really made all the difference and the fact Mary said she wouldn't change any of it because it all led to that moment of pure happiness (the ghost of a future baby, another blessing, already on her mind) was a wonderful thought. She takes all the bad moments and accepts them as well as the good ones, because what it matters, really, when eventually she has her family with her?

I've also liked the parallelism when she was in bed, after Cora's death, and she pushed Matthew into telling her the truth with a simple "tell me". As she couldn't refuse him when he was injured, so he couldn't keep the tragic news from her when she asked.

This chapter might've been cursed, but I'll remind you that M/M were supposedly cursed and it all turned out well in the end (so far...so far.) and clearly it happened with this chapter too because it was perfectly balanced. You also partially fulfilled one of me Great Wishes for dream-fanfictions to read: what if Mary had been sick with the flu instead of Lavinia? (*wink wink* in case you wanted to write a one-shot eheh). Can't wait for next Monday and well done!
2/21/2012 c27 3Annie Targaryen
OMG RIP Cora :(

Can't wait for the next chapter (:
2/21/2012 c27 Scarlet Slippers
I love the Crawley women doing what they do best...scheming to make things happen. Cora bringing back Sybil, Violet sending in Matthew and Mary...they know their Crawley men so well.

Matthew and Mary's dance was beautiful and sweet. First dance as husband and wife? And I loved the image of Mary leaning against his chest, him putting his hand do her forehead, leading her to the couch and covering her with his jacket - "Yes. I don't care, your Papa can think what he likes." For Matthew, Mary supercedes all.

Favorite M/M moment: "I think it's my turn, don't you think? I can never equal all that you've done for me, my love, but I can do this." "You know you're not allowed to say things like that," she breathed - Yes! They are both so strong and yet interdependent. I think Matthew would feel in her debt, but Mary loves him so much that her caring for him wasn't ever a decision for her. She just did it, as he does for her.

I loved the moment between Robert and Matthew in the hallway. Both are scared for their wives and blaming themselves, and Robert I think finally gets a good look at Matthew. Matthew knows that family is the most important thing, something he learned in the war, and he has no problem pushing that at Robert. Robert lost sight of that in his standards of propriety, but Matthew didn't grow up in that social environment, he's not constrained by those views.

I also think you captured Mary very well in this chapter. "Doctor Clarkson is stupid," (Thanks Mary, for verbalizing what everyone was already thinking ;)) and "No, I mean – Clarkson – I don't have the flu, I know my own" - She knows whats up.

I also loved her demanding Matthew tell her about Cora, underscoring the total honesty the two of them have in their marriage. Plus I thought it was great for Mary to tell her father that she doesn't know if they can forgive him. Mary's very similar to her father in that way, and she isn't going to forget his actions just because of whats happened. A little harsh for some maybe, but very true to Mary and how she was raised.

I loved Matthew realizing he'd never been with Mary at the start of her pregnancy before, and him just in wonder that he's going to have another child and be there when it is born. It was so tender and sweet.

"Oh, Matthew. Do you think we'll be alright?" - Parallel to when Mary told Matthew they'd be alright after he was settling into his wheelchair! Constantly supporting each other through the worst times in their life. They need each other, and you've conveyed that simply and beautifully.
2/21/2012 c27 19thorteso
Great chapter! I was hoping for that outcome for Mary. And even though it was sad, the death was fitting (she wasn't my favorite character in series 2 anyway). Interested to see how you wrap it all up!
2/21/2012 c27 28Terriah
Did think for a minute there you had killed Mary off!

Very well written!

2/21/2012 c27 Foxie Roxie
This was amazing, I did not see that twist with Cora coming! So happy for them though with the baby, can't wait to read more! X
2/21/2012 c27 4mts3479
I have been enjoying the last few chapters but especially this one, sad and filled with hope at the same time. Will be looking forward to what happens next.
2/21/2012 c27 L H
God I don't think I've ever felt tense reading a chapter of any story. I thought Mary had died literally. I let out a massive breathe when she hadn't ppfftt. Gutted it's nearly the end, want it to go on forever lol
2/21/2012 c27 golden12
Oh...I love this story. This chapter is so sad. Good work.
2/21/2012 c27 1OnlyALouse
Well! I didn't see that coming! I felt so nervous while sitting in History this morning, knowing that there was an alert update in my inbox and that it was THIS CHAPTER! ARGH! I felt so sure that you were going to kill off Robert in his anger.. And then I started reading and I did have the inkling of 'Oh my god what if Mary dies and he and Robert are standing at the grave realising that they killed her' And then I said to myself 'Alice, don't be ridiculous. That could not happen. Not with an M/M story! And besides, there's still the CS to go!' And so then I calmed myself down... Then I thought maybe it was Sybil.. Then Isobel. Seriously, could you have made it any more difficult at the beginning to work out who was dying?

I must admit then, that I did work it out and so I had sort of prepared myself, even if it did mean that I just did it through elimination. I was so thrilled that Mary was pregnant, however, that it didn't sink in properly until quite a while afterwards, that 'Oh my God, Cora's going to DIE!' Then it hit me!

I loved how you set all the characters up to thinking that Mary was going to die too, and the reconciliation with Robert was just frankly heartbreaking :( I'm so very glad that they made up when they had the chance :) And that touch with Mabel and Kit was just so adorable - a smile in the midst of heartbreak all around them :(

Poor, poor Robert. I know that I hated him in the last episode, but in this one my heart went out to him :( He realised what foolish mistakes he had made, only he realised too late :( So many feelings! :( :(

I'm so very sad that this story is coming to an and! I don't know what I wi;ll do without it - I shall have to find some other method of procrastination! Or I could actually do my homework and get the A*AA needed for university! Eeeps! I should probably do that, shouldn't I? Might be for the best! But I really will be sad when this ends :( You'll just have to start another one! :D

Alice x
2/21/2012 c27 Abbeymac
Poor Robert! All alone over the loss of Cora. Im thrilled that Mary is pregnant again, this time with Matthew at her side! I'll cross my fingers for a boy.

Excellent chapter...made my day :)
2/21/2012 c27 36Pemonynen
Well. That I did not see coming. After I knew you weren't killing the girls (well, after I pretty much pestered you to leave them alone :P), I was leaning more towards Isobel going. And Matthew and Robert's thoughts being mirrored in worry for their wives and regret over their actions and stubornness...GAH. Cora's death was just heartbreaking. And that Mary couldn't be there...and Matthew's conflict between happiness and guilt...GAH. :'( And he knows he's missed both of her previous pregnancies and only seen them as a bump and then a baby and he's never been there for the start of them and never seen his children as newborns...OMG are you trying to kill me with feelings?

The bit that started me crying...Mary and Matthew dancing, and the 'almost' and reworking the conversation and telling them to go to Manchester. GAH!

Also, a RIDICULOUS amount of ugly sobbing at the funeral (and I'm not even lying. Funerals always upset me, even fictional ones).

But POOR ROBERT. I know I was angry with him in the last chapter, but I could just imagine him being so overwhelmed with grief that he's almost cataleptic and only functioning on the most basic level, and quite simply, absolutely heartbroken. And poor Edith! At least Sybil and Mary have husbands, and I know it's not the same, but now they've only got each other and oh goodness, I can't see what I'm typing for the tears pouring down my face (I can't seem to stop)! And poor Violet...both of her children are widowed now. :'( And Matthew trying to explain to Bel why Grandmama wasn't there. And Mary hugging Robert and this..."she felt no more than a small girl again, who missed her mother"...KILLED ME.

I need to stop now because I have to actually go and function like an adult now and not curl up in bed and just cry out my feeling over this, which is what I'd rather do. You wonderful, heartbreaking genius. I honestly don't know how you've done it, but this has upset me more than Harry Potter did (and that upset me *a lot*). You are...amazing, quite simply. :)
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