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5/14/2014 c19 9MsMenna
I loved how you mentioned Lavinia Crawley would not have been a good name. lol. You are doing a great job incorporating canon events with your twist on them.
Assuming Matthew paralyzed here, too.
5/13/2014 c17 MsMenna
Loved it. Also, need to correct previous review. Just read and saw my typo. I'm OCD when it comes to spelling. I was TOO wrapped up to review. Hate IPhone ! Loved this chapter but So sad!
5/13/2014 c16 MsMenna
The fluff was perfect! If this only could have been.
5/12/2014 c14 MsMenna
Loved the mirroring concept. Great idea!
5/12/2014 c13 MsMenna
Just found this excellent story. I've been to wrapped up on it to review before now. Great work!
1/25/2014 c30 AmeriGirlTN
Just re-read this wonderful story slowly, taking my time and savoring it unlike I did the first time. Thanks so much for taking the time to share it and all your magnificent fanfics with us.
9/23/2013 c30 2c3lia
just re-read this story... lovely! :)
thank you for taking the time to write and share it here with us!
8/19/2013 c30 27Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Beautiful story, masterfully told. :)
8/18/2013 c23 Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Oh *God*! The moment Catherine stands up on his knees, and he was watching her learn to stand up just as he was learning *not* to...my heart twisted in my chest. I read the passage out to my husband, and he said, "Wow, that was good." Indeed...damn, you're good. I agree, this should have been the S2 arc, instead of the dumber soapy aspects that we actually got. :) (The only challenge of course being that without Swire's money, they're screwed when Robert loses it all...I can only hope that Matthew gets wind of Robert's plan before the war ends, in your story. :)
8/17/2013 c22 Rachel Smith Cobleigh
I've been loving this story for a while (LOL on the "fluffiest fluffy fluff" description), but this scene repurposed for your fic is just magnificent. It was great in the original, of course, but I'm particularly loving how I have actual footage playing in my mind as I read your text, watching it all so clearly and twisting up inside with the *feels*...of course he would react essentially the same way, even with Mary by his side as his devoted wife; that's just his m.o. And Mary is being fierce and strong and is torn up watching him in this place. I'm looking forward to the happy reveal later, of course, but you're doing the most wonderful job lining up your story with canon. Bravo!
8/17/2013 c14 Rachel Smith Cobleigh
The mirroring structure worked beautifully, and I especially loved the imagery at the end, of his tears mingling with the cold raindrops streaming down his face, and he wasn't aware that he was crying. Lovely, just absolutely lovely.
7/15/2013 c29 Jenni
I never review these fanfics, but you should be writing novels! All your fanfics that I've read are fantastic. Thank you! That is all :)
7/10/2013 c30 Guest
Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I love this story! The story line in keep in canon and then some, your writing style, your perfectly canon Mary and Matthew...

Also I like your version much better since season 3's Christmas special.

Thank you so much for writing
7/8/2013 c14 Guest
ahhhhhh this chapter is glorious, i've been following this story all day and no regrets, because ahhhhh it's glorious. i want to stop and write more of my thoughts, but i want to keep reading more... so sucks to be you the writer... hahah.
6/27/2013 c14 32miscreant rose
Yes, finally getting around to slowly making my way through this one and savoring AU M/M. Just wanted to let you know how much I *loved* this chapter, and your writing style. Think this may be your best writing to date!
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