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3/19/2012 c30 Auranel
What a brilliant story! I'm sad to see it end - I've enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for keeping the DA withdrawal away! =]
3/16/2012 c30 a reader
After I saw season 2 all I wanted was a story that followed an AU version of Mary and Matthew through the war...this is it! Thank you.
3/16/2012 c30 4mts3479
Thanks a lot for this story - I have enjoyed it very much and the ending is very fitting too.
3/16/2012 c30 19thorteso
Great ending to a great story. Looking forward to your next adventure!
3/16/2012 c30 dreckllyn
This story is really absolutely positively incredible. Not only does it deliver such an elegance yet completely soft and in character aspect to the reading, but it truly truly brings across a message of how utterly horrible it is to go through a war, and how anguishing it is for the loved ones back at the homefront, something movies and television shows simply do not do justice to. Myself being the daughter of a soldier as well as my boyfriend being active duty, I know how completely hard it is to go through the troubles that Mary and MAtthew go through throughout this story, and I simply want to say that you do the emotions completely to justice. Absolutely posotively well done, and I cannot wait for whatever more brilliant stories you concoct.
3/15/2012 c30 BeatnikFreak
This has been wonderful from start to finish. Characters, plot, description, remaining true to the show while pulling off a masterstroke with your AU - it has been a pleasure to read.

3/15/2012 c30 12Ultrahotpink
I am heart broken now that this is over! This was one of the first fan fictions I ever read in this fandom, and I invested in it like it was canon! I know that you will continue to write again however so I suppose I shouldn't be sad that this is the end. I should be happy that this is the start of something new and exciting! Congratulations on finishing this wonderful story!
3/15/2012 c30 2anonnynonny
I finally read the epilogue! TEARS! This has been such a wonderful journey, thank you for writing it so well.
3/14/2012 c30 Ramses81
I can't believe it's over!

That was incredible. One of the most satisfying fan fics I've ever read.

I don't think I can express how perfect it was, in the emotions it evoked (both painful and pleasurable), the clever shadowing of the 'real' season 2, and just how consistently you delivered in the exceptional quality of your writing over 30 chapters! But really, I'm only touching the surface... I'll never truly be able to express how much I've enjoyed it, so, thank-you.
3/13/2012 c30 15SkyBlueSw
Thank you for sharing this story will all of us. I have enjoyed it.
3/13/2012 c30 Scarlet Slippers
Wow - now what am I supposed to do?

And I never got around to reviewing the last chapter - so this is sort of a combo review.

I loved it! Matthew punching Carlisle made me so happy, and how protective Matthew was and adamant that Mary not be at the trial to relive it all.

And the epilogue - Kit crying at Matthew in his uniform, Bel and Kit looking for Matthew's name, the girls asking Mary's name, and Matthew smiling when he said it because it's Mary and he loves her - ugh it was all beautiful

I loved the way you ended it as well, coming full circle - "Thank you for finding me" (as she has over and over throughout their marriage - not just in Manchester) and the "I never could despise you" line (it's one of my favorites!)

I also watched 2x03 yesterday because I was home sick - and all I could think about was how much better the ATiL version was! This story has given me lots of feelings I don't know what to do with (in a good way!) and I certainly plan on sitting down and rereading it all sometime (probably many times...) Thanks so much for writing it - you did a beautiful job!
3/13/2012 c30 Ricole
I'm a newbie to the fandom, so I haven't been following this story forever like it seems many people have. But I must say, I'm extremely impressed with how you reworked so many scenes from S2 to fit into your altered storyline. It's AU the way I like my AU: exploring something different, but still clearly recognizable as what it started from.
3/13/2012 c30 9Ju-dou
*huge throat lump*

This has been the very definition of epic. Just so very well written, well characterized, well plotted. From its fantastic conception to this epilogue, a full circle of brilliance with Mary and Matthew at the heart and always acutely in character. This is really such a fantastic achievement, it is the ultimate M/M novel. I would rather like you to have it printed and bound, I would buy it, you could make a tidy packet! Throw some wonderful M/M fanart on the front and you're away - I am totally not joking... Please do this!

I need to go back and decide on my favourite chapter, but that would be really very hard! The early chapters were what got me hooked but what came afterwards was so fantastic that I stayed along for the ride. I really do feel like I've been on a journey, the most perfect M/M journey ever. I need to think more deeply but I am overcome by emotions! Thank you for sharing this awesome piece of writing with us, you should be very very proud.
3/13/2012 c29 Ju-dou
Guh. I loved your version of the Christmas special. PoorRobert, I really feel for him and am so glad the Mary/Robert conversation happened with a ATiL twist.. This has all been so cleverly done, so effortlessly spun together, I am awed by its sheer epic scope and now... Le epilogue *fetches bucket for my creys*
3/13/2012 c28 Ju-dou
Oh this chapter brought tears to my eyes. You did marvelously with the birth, my dear, always difficult but it was spot on and Matthew was just so his lovely supportive self, guh, I loved it. And the ending was perfect. I have no words for how much I have loved this fic and I think I may be crying by the epilogue...
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