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for To Terrorize Middle Earth Part 1

12/15/2011 c5 Kitsunnami
Thank god you're back! I missed you! I wish it was longer but I can't wait till the next one! Save Yenaa everyone!
11/27/2011 c4 MizukiYumeko
10/5/2011 c4 Kitsunnami
Naruto! Lol, I liked the random word game. That was very funny.
9/21/2011 c3 Kitsunnami
Honestly, I have no freakin clue as to what's going on. I have NEVER seen lord of the rings. Other than that It's a great story and I hope you keep writing. I'll be watching you (God trhat sounds creepy lol) :)
9/5/2011 c2 Kitsunnami
I lovy dis :)
8/31/2011 c1 3lyra13x7
:3 i likes this! its funnie! plz rite mores!

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