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2/27/2018 c5 nowen
that was a very sweet ending! :)
2/27/2018 c4 nowen
didn’t see that coming!
2/27/2018 c3 nowen
this won’t end well, will it?
2/27/2018 c2 nowen
truly enjoying this. can’t wait to see where you take the story

btw, it’s ummi
2/27/2018 c1 nowen
very intriguing start...
10/31/2012 c5 apedarling
ok super cute, and love love loved all the family and friendship stuff. But...what? How was Toph Ummi? did Koh give her face to a new person? Did she...get reborn into Toph?
10/31/2012 c4 apedarling
AHHHHHHHHH, so scary! ha and I loved Toph thinking Aang should have kissed Suki, haha that would have been funny;)
10/31/2012 c3 apedarling
ha, awww. I sorta like how Aang and Katara kind of seam like Toph's parents. And how everyone is taking care of her. Even though, we all know she doesn't need to be taken care of. I love Toph! Oh and I laughed at the "she is a light sleeper, so we'll leave at midnight." HAhaha
4/21/2012 c5 35Justice Tokidoki
This was a very interesting story. I loved your idea of connecting them together like this. It was amazing!

Granted, the typos were a little hard to over look, but the dialogue made up for it.

I just wish you had made the story a little longer. With an idea that is so unique and interesting as yours I wanted to revel in it a little more.

nice work!
2/4/2012 c5 earthbenderforlife
This is definitly top 3 for me! It was a great read, a very gripping story! I loved it!
1/16/2012 c5 42teddy3bear8cuddle
i like it awesomeness begin
10/14/2011 c5 6The1967TARDISat221B
this was ooo awesome i could almost feel myself there. afew unimportant grammar mistakes but awesomely done all the same. nicely done:)
9/6/2011 c5 8bad.friends.bad.touch.trio
Is it over? If so :( if not :)

I think you should add something about Koh, but it's your story!
9/5/2011 c4 1demongurl111
i like your story so far aside from the minor typos lol and kuruk's wife's name was Ummi not Kummi.
9/5/2011 c4 ayimsilentbunny
Awesome! All the tension and action is going to give me a nosebleed!
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