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8/29/2015 c8 3Aira Slytherin
Priceless interraction between Voldemort and Harry - hope they don't kill each other next time though :-)

If you need ideas for Harry's mates, perhaps the Weasely twins, Neville or Theo Nott - or even a n alive Regulus Black or Rabastan Lestrange, if you're looking for someone older.
I have just one request - whoever you choose to be Harry's mates, please don't include LV amongst them. If Sev sees him as a father-figure, and since Harry is Sev's son, it will be mighty weird if suddenly he's also Harry's mate...then again that's just my opinion.
6/7/2015 c8 Guest
Please update soon
6/7/2015 c8 Guest
I like the idea of Ron being a mate I think the other should be a slytherin maybe Blaize or theo please update soon
2/16/2015 c8 7Magic-Blue-Eyes
I think it would be cool and funny if he had six with a dead 7th male mates. Ron, Gred, Forge, Victor Krum, Rabastion. L, Tom Riddle and Cedric. I also would find it amusing if he was a Dark submissive Veela with a lot of sassy habits.
Well this is just my idea, it's your story. All I can do is hope you update soon please!
2/3/2015 c8 5DarkNekoGreece
love the story!
10/27/2014 c8 Guest
Please update soon! Really enjoying!
10/18/2014 c8 vjean1997
A couple things. Are you still writing this fic and when do you update. Also his mates could be the twins charle or even volodemrt. I don't think Ron would be very good but even if you do add him ill still read. So please tell me when you plan to update.
9/29/2014 c8 98mandancie
I really hope that you come back to this story. Oh my goodness! I so loved this story. :) I can't wait for Severus and Lucius really have it out. :) Update real soon,please! :)
9/13/2014 c7 25tkawaiii2013
I enjoyed it as a companion, you took the best options, tone severus and lucius draco do not forget that the weasley harry considers the family he had not. Zambini perhaps, or a character oc, read a fic in which Regulus had a black son before he died and he sent away, I always thought that harry should have someone that already mimasse he had a terrible childhood .. . dying for me to see a sequel, I'm following this story, I'm reading a crossover between sephiroth (final fantasy) and harry, look at other stories you may find one acceptable partner for small harry
7/18/2014 c8 4ban-chan100
Why have you stoped! Great story please continue I love severus :D
2/9/2014 c8 3KisunaFuji
I really like the idea of ron being his mate
hope you will update sometime
1/29/2014 c4 8Rainbow Smite
You know, I was getting ready for bed, and decided that a quick fanfic would be fun. Normally ones like this are bad, so I figured I'd read a chapter then go to sleep. But nooo, this had to be a very good one and now I can't sleep because I have to read it. I have class tomorrow too. I'd better read quick.
1/22/2014 c8 25tkawaiii2013
Oi eu sou do Brasil e adorei sua fic nunca tinha lio uma historia com esse fundo vai continuar?
1/6/2014 c8 Giggles149
It is a very interesting premise and very all written. Thank you for sharing :-)
10/13/2013 c7 3275DoubleLB
Oh my gosh! I forget how many times I have read this fic but I reaaallly love it and really hope you decide to finish it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH IT! :)
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