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4/24/2012 c5 vgriffin4
4/19/2012 c8 2anaranth24
i think that Ron and Lord V. would make good mates for Harry it would be amusing at the very least
4/18/2012 c8 1Flying Chrissy
I think that Ron is more a friend/brother than a lover! Great update.
4/18/2012 c8 dracula2000
i think it should be a threesome or foursome with harry and two or three mates because if its anymore than that things start to get complicated like who gets his virginity first or who goes inside who or the positions they are gowing to have to do for sex. i know i have read so many freaken fanfiction about this stuff.
4/17/2012 c8 2LovelessXHeartlessXSoulless
Really enjoying it, I love how this been planned out so far. Hope that Harry will become even closer with Severus and the malfoys, hopefully there be a more brotherly bond between harry and draco in the future.

Also, I love the idea of multiple mates, especialy more than two and having Ron as one of harry's mates sounds good too, don't find that many, especially in this kind of story. :)

I can't currently think of anyone else right now for mates, I was maybe thinking someone who could be a creature but it depends on whether you will decide to entroduce anyone else out of the purebloods in the story... Possibly Theodore Nott, maybe someone slightly older but I can't think of anyone... or maybe a werewolf out of Fenrir's pack, it's something different but that means making an OC... don't really like OC's ^-^'

Anyway can't wait for the next update! :)
4/17/2012 c8 2Book-AddictFF
While I'm not opposed, I don't care for ron
4/17/2012 c8 2Lady DestinyHope
This story is really rather intriguing and I'm enjoying reading it! As for Harry's mates, I'd really rather only stick with two tops because it just gets really messy and unbelievable from there on out. As for Ron being a mate...I can't really see that myself but it's your call!

Anyways, please update again soon, I'm glad that there's enough humor to make it not completely sad and teary but lots of angst and anger. I like that! Update soon!
4/17/2012 c8 3FireSenshi2
Squeal! Wonderful chapter and I am so ready for the next chapter! :)
4/16/2012 c8 4music909
mates for harry could be Hermione, Voldemort, even Draco. But i think Ron would be a better friend paired with someone else.
4/16/2012 c8 Fringie7
I LOVE this story! I really enjoy stories where Harry is someone's son other than the Potters, and even better if he is the result of an mpreg. Please continue the story!
4/16/2012 c8 3sarah999
I love the story so far. As for Ron being a mate, I think it would depend on his personality but I think it'd be interesting to see a Ron/Harry/etc as mates.
4/16/2012 c8 bookwormqueen7
that is good. update soon please.
4/16/2012 c8 2Kat Riddle
glad to see a new chappy. love harry calling voldy lord pops. i've always thought harry should calmly rationalize some things given that he nearly ended up in slytherin so glad he calm in this story - maybe he shouldn't be quite as calm though. I personly prefer Draco/Ron to Harry/Ron but its up to you
4/15/2012 c8 10lilsweetpea86
good chapter, nice tp end with a bit of a laugh. I've never favored ron harry, but thats only because it feels like incest. they seem too much like brothers to be together like that to me. i dont mind harry voldie, and find myself giggling at what would happen in your story if voldie was one of harrys mates.
4/15/2012 c8 5calicat
I like this story, hope you will keep updating quickly. As for pairings, I like the moresome idea, and personally I am cool with Ron as mate...pretty much anyone except Ginny, she drives me nuts.
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