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9/4/2011 c4 One With No Name-OWNN
I enjoy reading this, I'm happy I had a day to myself a little bit to read the chapters you've updated today! I hope to read more from you soon! Good work! :)
9/4/2011 c3 pottermania007

Your story is great. I think that the mate of Harry will may be Voldemort


PS : sorry for my english but I'm french.
9/3/2011 c2 Chronos Is A Kitty
Great work! Who is harry going to be paired with? I hope its voldemort
9/1/2011 c1 bookwormqueen7
that is good. update soon please.
9/1/2011 c1 3LillianaSnape212
looking forward to reading more. snape is gonna kill someone fo taking his baby from him! can't wait.
8/31/2011 c1 3Justpucky
Please continue this for atleast a few more chapters. We need One to inform Lucius that they had another baby. And we need one to confront Dumblewhore. So please write a few more chapters.
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