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8/24/2012 c2 3sashar360
You can make this an Artemis and Holly fic, but if you do, I probably won't read it.
Let me explain why: Holly is, like, 80. Artemis is 15 to 16. Really?
8/24/2012 c12 sashar360
Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss sssssseeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppp ppppdddddddddaaaaaaatttttttt eeeeeeee! It's so good!
6/27/2012 c13 Shadow Huntress
I really liked the previous thought that Rebecca had of Artemis being a "demon child." Really sorry that I wrote so little earlier, could have sworn that my mom was going to come home and kill me for being on the computer. Guess not, well, not yet, she's not home yet anyway. Hmmm, I wonder if you could write a story about said "demon child" being just that. It'd be pretty interesting. Great story by the way, still, I think that it took a little longer for Artemis' conscience to kick in than that. I really can't wait to see what will happen next. Keep writing and I'll keep reading and reviewing.

Shadow Huntress
6/27/2012 c13 Shadow Huntress
I'm assuming that she's a half fairy. That's all that I can say. Can't wait to read more, really looking forward to it. Keep writing and I'll keep reading and reviewing.

Shadow Huntress
6/25/2012 c13 4Silverblazes
Pouty puppy dog eyes? I must say, this was a good chapter, but I have one thing to say DON'T TAKE SO LONG TO UPDATE! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!
6/24/2012 c13 7Ciousk
Update soon please! I really want more!
6/24/2012 c13 SpockandKirkarePERF
She needs to see an elf (maybe holly) son. Or maybe see arty talking to holy. Is this a partial a /h romance? Could u possibly make it one? 'Nudge nudge '
6/23/2012 c13 Fluffy The Terrible
She is going to end up freaking out big time
6/10/2012 c12 johnnywillstaygold
Hah, I'm late. But this was really great with details and portrayed the emotions of Artemis and Rebecca's (actually showing how a person under these circumstances would REALLY be like) to perfection. The underwear size part made me chuckle :)
5/31/2012 c12 Ciousk
Update soon please! I really like this and want to see more!
5/28/2012 c12 3GreatIceDragon
I love Artemis Fowl! You represent him so well!
5/27/2012 c12 SpockandKirkarePERF
Omigosh! I betcha that was Holly. I just found this story and it sounds really good. But with the Arty/OC thing. If you could not do that and have him not fall in love period or have it be a Holly/Arty pairing. Probably not the main plot of the story though. Very good though. On about chapter five I started wondering if she could be half fairy half human. It could definitly be true with the D'arvit recognition and the sprite in her dream. Its good though. I think this will be a very good story if you update frequently. So on that note...


5/27/2012 c12 14fangirl-is-who-i-am

At last!


I was really looking forwad to that story!

I like it so much! :D

And again, Arty's really IC for a ff *-*

That's great!


I thought at first it was one of the twins and was all like "OMG so cool!"

But then.. Maybe it was Holly?

I don't remember where the twins are anymore..

Wait.. when does the story occur again? After which book?

Wow, I guess I need to read it all over again..



That is so not fair, your summer break has already started, and I have just finals finals and more finals. and 1 more long month before school is over :

Anyway- Now you have plenty of time to write.. So do it!

Please? *-*
5/19/2012 c11 Fluffy The Terrible
Dangit you. I almost jumped over the cliff!

You haven't updated in 2 months! Update soon or I will sic Butler on you!
4/16/2012 c5 Guest
Your story is so cute so far! I just have one thing. When you put the story in someone's p.o.v. It means it going to be in 1st person. So they will say I not her or he. Just saying you didn't really change p.o.v. But other then that its really a great story!
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