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2/3/2013 c1 CHLEREK LOVER - werewolf
plz continue the story plz
1/25/2013 c1 Pokefam15
i LOVE The Lion King too! and Lion King 1/2 and Lion King 2! they're all so CUTE! :D
1/4/2013 c1 Egyptian Warrior
That is fucking boss! AWESOMESAUCE! Lol. 10!

7/7/2012 c1 Guest
11/15/2011 c1 Lionheart53
I love the lion king! I saw it in 3D the day it came out ( my BIRTHDAY XD )! Anyway this was really awesome, keep the amazing stories commin' and don't forget to update your other super awesome stories...like i don't know... I've fallen love with my pet dog?...

I am as subtle as a blow to the head with my hints. :}
10/30/2011 c1 Dark Dragon99
Awwwwwww.And by the way I LOVE the lion king too.But mostly because I can't get some of the songs out of my head.Hakuna Matta!
9/26/2011 c1 9MarthaD
I love this! Its so unique!=)
9/7/2011 c1 5theBlueEyedOne
First off- cute story ... Second- Isn't that from Lion King 1 1/2
9/3/2011 c1 17He's My Unrequited Love98
GRRRR! i really want to watch the lion king now! :)
9/3/2011 c1 6Wall-flower1999
If anyone dissed Lion king i will kill them! I wacthed that every day when i was about 5 and my name is from the 2 movie.
9/2/2011 c1 4HystericalMess
This is so legit. For the record, I'm almost 19 and find myself listening to a variety of Disney songs on a daily basis. Particularly "I Won't Say I'm In Love" from Hercules and the classic Beauty and the Beast song. So kudos to you!
9/2/2011 c1 2hawaiiangrl
haha i love that is lk totally good!
9/2/2011 c1 3StuckInATower
Simon as Pumba, HAH! This was nice. :)
9/2/2011 c1 samaya2lazy2login
Cute. I luv the Lion King, and DP. This I awesome
9/2/2011 c1 20WiccaChick98
That was pretty funny. Something I never would have thought of! lol!

BTW: I like how you made Simon Pumba. I can just imagine it!

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