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for Dreaming of Sunshine

7/5 c151 The Supreme Kitsune Sage
its really to bad this story up and died. i was really great up until there was no ending. would ove for it to come back
7/4 c1 Luxo11
To this day I have no idea why this is so popular
7/2 c85 Guest
Sai Character development is going much faster without the throes of puberty being at its heighth
7/3 c1 ShadowRook
I’m reading this fic again for the nth time, honestly my favorite fanfiction ever
6/28 c15 Guest
Oh my gosh this was the most ADORABLE chapter Ever! It gave me so many warm and giggly feelings3. Thanks for the story !
6/18 c1 16Blackbird0
Re-reading again... how many times is this? I have genuinely reread this so many times to the point it should be up there with the all-time classics.
6/12 c135 colbylast
Honestly, her argument is stupid. The best contribution she can make is by staying away from the front lines. She's pretty much an S-rank paper-pusher. She casually creates inventions that saves hundreds of lives. She's literally irreplaceable. The only reason she has to go to the field is because she believes that no other team can win. Which is insulting to the other teams.
6/10 c105 colbylast
kinda disagree with you on the muscles. Girls actually can't handle harsh physical exercise. It sterilizes them. One of the many reasons girls aren't suited for military. Female biology severely punishes that sort of lifestyle.
6/9 c62 colbylast
You need to be clearer with your damn combat scenes. Are you saying her arm got ripped off? Or did she pull her arm out of danger? The phrase "then he ripped my arm away" could mean either. And have massive implications. I don't care if it gets explained 2 pages later or two chapters later, I want answers THAT sentence.
6/7 c28 10Slytherin Uzumaki
I wanted to say it was wasted potential for an SI, especially one who knows, both past and future, BUT...

I guess I get it. Your writing is quite envious and you must have so much patience while writing it.

Great writing!
6/7 c2 Abyssalwhale
Oh God no...a non lazy Nara, one of the most dangerous things in existence.
6/6 c17 Slytherin Uzumaki
Ughhh! Naruto is so lame and annoying in this...
6/6 c5 colbylast
Good riddance. Sakura was filler anyways. It'll be nice having someone useful along for the ride. Only concern is her being too useful and stealing Naruto's growth opportunities.
5/31 c41 Felon GT
I wish Kishimoto contacted and gave you the honors to do a reboot of the series and hopefully with your story being the parallel.

Similar to how Akira Toriyama recruited and made Toyotarō (who wrote Dragon Ball AF) his successor for the continuing series of DB.
5/31 c21 Felon GT
In chapter 21. Is Naruto doing 2-way communication with the shadow clones once Shikako asked to get an update status of other teams? Since it’s not confirmed in either Naruto & Boruto…..or is there a plot hole that could be used.

It’s in the paragraph where Naruto makes a clone and waiting for clone to respond back for the update? Or am i misinterpreting. If it’s a fandom concept that cool. But if it’s a plot hole from canon concept that even better.
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