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for Dreaming of Sunshine

6/26 c47 violetartistic23
OMG, you mentioned my country! I don't know why that small detail makes me so happy, even though you only mentioned it at the end, and it wasn't even anything important lmao.
6/25 c30 WannaBeAShapeShifter
Such an interesting state. Utter Apathy.
I strived for it once too, maybe I still do. Simply because feeling and existing is a little bothersome.
But perhaps I just want my emotions muted, muted to the point that I can simply focus on goals without being distracted by my desires.
6/25 c39 violetartistic23
I honestly don't care that Hiruzen died. I never liked him, he was a shit hokage.
6/25 c151 nyannyanboomm
6/21 c139 Guest
I cant believe how amazingly talented and hard working you are to write such an intricate, amazing, and damn so much engaging story. Bravo. Hope you find the wish and drive to continue this awesome story some day.
6/18 c108 6SeiferBoy
I didn't know there were permanent markers called Vivid. I only know of Sharpies and off-brand markers.
6/14 c151 Guest
I finally got the spine to read all of DoS, and I’m very glad I did. The long chapters are satisfying to read. Even if this never gets finished, it’s one hell of a ride and definitely something I’ll be rereading! Thank you for your hard work!
6/14 c151 SquareQuarter25
Well, I just binged this over the course of the past few days.

Wow, well done. This is probably on my Mt. Rushmore of fanfics now. Completely understand that you may not have it in you to finish, which is a shame for sure, but life is a constant series of changes and growth, and what may have once been a huge part of your life could easily become a memory. I'll still hold out hope that one day, maybe you come back.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!
6/10 c16 gixbob74
6/9 c151 2Avengel Azrael
I finally made it to the end. I've only been following for 6 years XD. I've re-read sooo many times but something always pulled me away before I got to 151. I remember the good ol' days when I was reading each chapter as they came out. *wipes tear from eye* those were the good times. But I made it!

Not gonna lie this fic is the standard I hold all other OC fics to. In every fandom. If it doesn't have similar levels of planning and thought and world building and understanding of the characters, I can't read it. I feel like a problem with most Naruto fics is that so many people don't understand the sheer power and varied skill of ninja. Like they don't get what it *means* to be a Jounin. Or they give their OC some bullshit OP blood limit and try to make themselves the main character and it's just ridiculous. Okay, I get it, it's an escapist fantasy. We're all boring ass NCPs in our real lives and so we want to be powerful and special in our fantasies and go for it! It's your fantasy, be whatever you want. I have nothing to stand on, escapism is my only real coping method anyway. But I can't get into those stories. (rant over I promise)

But THIS. A normal ass person MAKING themselves powerful and working for it. I live for it. I adore DOS and it will always be one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever read.

I just want you to know people are still reading this and appreciating it. Hope your life is going okay. This fic has helped me through many a tough time over the years, so thanks!
6/4 c1 yugewinner
such a shame so much of the writing was wasted on filler
5/28 c150 yugewinner
I'm begging you please skip all the filler arcs and just timeskip
5/27 c151 nighlett
soy fan de tus obras
5/27 c151 nighlett
exelente capítulo espero puedas sacar más pronto
5/23 c21 Gatorgoose
*shrugs philosophically*
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