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18h c151 jordieluna
I know you probably won’t read this, but just in case, I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate this story. I spent the last week reading it, and I’ve got to say it’s one of the best fics I’ve ever read. I’m sorry ungrateful people ruined it for you. I’m sure you had a lot invested in this story and the characters, and it’s truly sad that it was taken away from you.

Even though I would love to know how Shikako’s story ends, I would never dream of demanding you to update it. I’m just grateful for what I got.

I hope your life is well and that you’ve found happiness. Best wishes,

9/24 c5 Comic Manga
didn't change anything because you can't write after changing things
9/19 c8 Aren Gisly
Pretty sure the medical ninjutsu works with yang, that's why Naruto healed so fast.
8/31 c151 Bewarebuu
Absolutely gorgeous love it so much can't wait for more updates
8/28 c125 Sanny
I just want to say that mangekye sharingan's activation phrase sounds pretty cool. Is it from the anime or did you invent it yourself?
8/27 c151 Neceros
It's been a while since I reread this fic, and since it seems like it's probably dead by now, I wanted to take the opportunity to finally write a proper review for the story.

So first of all— thank you. Nearly a decade of effort went into this fic, and I am incredibly grateful. Honestly, in some ways it's unfair to you that it happened to get so very popular. You put up with a lot of demanding and annoying people for much longer than was fair, and I can only hope that the kinder and more grateful fans made it worth the while.

But certainly the attention was well-deserved! Even reading it again years later, I think this is one of the finest fics I've ever read. The story arcs are just different enough at first that you can barely see the oh-so-slow spiral as things begin to go differently from canon, the writing is overall excellent, and the characters...

God, the characters.

Shikako is one of the best, if not THE best, SI characters I've ever read in my life. You tackled some of the most cosmic-level difficulties that an SI character could have— the grief of losing her entire world, the knowledge that everything that does or doesn't happen the way it did in the manga is her fault by action or inaction— and you successfully translated them into real, understandable character traits. Her depression, her motivation, her fear, her focus, her recklessness... it all stems from there, and we see it all revealed in the most fascinating ways. Her growth, both in characterization and in power, is absolutely fascinating and elegantly implemented. Every step of her power growth is preceded by several steps of theory and training and trial before it becomes a full new ability, making her progression from genin to chunin to jonin feel like every step is expected by the time she gets there.

And her relationships with other characters are equally incredible. Sasuke settles into a brotherly role that I just adore, Kakashi is the best/worst teacher imaginable, Naruto is deliciously complicated as the bastion of moral purity that Shikako admires but often fails to live up to, Tsunade is a fantastic boss... and my god, I could write an entire separate essay about her relationship with Shikamaru. If I have one regret about this story not getting completed, it's that I'll never know where you intended to take the relationship between the twins. Their bond is so strong and so complicated and so full of unspoken things.

Of course, all of Shikako's bonds are like that in some ways. The secret of her past life hangs over her every interaction, filling them with the unspoken betrayals of "I am not who you think I am" and "I have made decisions that affected all of your lives even if only by silence and inaction" and "I am preparing for an existential threat that none of you even know about". That's my other regret about the incomplete story, I suppose— never getting to see how that would have been resolved. Would Shikako have found a way to settle her mind on the topic? Would the secret eventually have come out? If it did, how would everyone have reacted? Any path you went down would surely have been spectacular.

But my minor regrets aside, I do want to say again that I really truly am grateful that you wrote as much as you did. This story is incredible, and I could not be more grateful for the gift of getting to read it. Maybe one day you'll come back and write more, or leave some notes about how you intended things to go. But you put seven hundred thousand words worth of hard work in already, and that is... so much. I cannot express how much those words have meant to me.

With all my heart, truly— thank you. This story is a gift.
8/23 c151 Goddessofbaddecisions
In some way that I don't quite understand, I have never read the last chapter, despite the fact that I have read the story many times already. How is this possible? Is it magic? * looks around anxiously*
8/22 c1 Goddessofbaddecisions
Hello, Silver Queen! I love this story and reread it about every six months. And I really think my heart might break if she disappears somewhere. Is there any option for downloading? I promise that I will not abuse it if I have the opportunity to get it for myself))
8/14 c75 lukejmontier1
Im gonna be blunt. The singing was cringe as fuck…
8/11 c24 lukejmontier1
SPOILERS: Holy shit…. karin died?
8/10 c12 lukejmontier1
Can you do another naruto fanifction? I love how youve done alex rider fanfics and stuff but i really want to see how youd do another one. With like then as a uchiha or somethjng, i love how the character (or atleast so far) isnt too OP and is humble enough to realisenit but not dense enough to kot see her own talent, id love to see anothe rone where instead of the nara clan she or a new OC is a inuzuka, i feel like they didnt get a good enough rep, cannon or fanfiction wise.
8/10 c32 Kevazure
damn naruto easily beat Neji
8/8 c151 NamelessWanderer6
Why did this story have to stop here of all places, when things were just getting interesting.
On a another note, it’s strange to think that it’s been 4 years since this story last updated. I remember reading this back when it was updating which is making me feel a bit old. Anyhow this is one of the best Naruto fanfics I’ve ever read in terms of political world building, exploration of the Naruto ‘magic system’ (Chakra), and characterization. I hope that one day Silver Queen returns and finishes this masterpiece or maybe passes it on to someone else, idk. I had a lot of fun reading this over the last week, so yeah…
8/8 c148 NamelessWanderer6
This arc so far has been very cosy and almost slice of life, I like it!
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