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for Dreaming of Sunshine

4/14 c56 Alligator Rampage
I hadn’t heard the term “hammerspace” before! The more you know~
4/13 c151 bennettnasagirl
So happy to have found this fic! I’ve really enjoyed it! Would love to read more if there is any!
4/12 c55 Alligator Rampage
Nice warning
4/12 c52 Alligator Rampage
Nicely done! I like the message about never ending
4/4 c46 Alligator Rampage
I would throw the biggest fit if I was one of the rookie nine and saw that Shikako didn’t get a promotion after LEADING THE ENTIRE ATTACK AGAINST GAARA AND HIS SIBLINGS AND KICKING ASS AT IT
4/2 c42 Alligator Rampage
Dear god. Yeah you nailed it. I’m horrified.
4/2 c37 Alligator Rampage
4/2 c36 Alligator Rampage
Shit! Aaaaaaah I am stressed
4/2 c35 Alligator Rampage
Holy shit that explosion
Really cool to see Shikako be a leader
4/2 c34 Alligator Rampage
Everything about early Gaara was so strange and eerie and terrifying and sad.
I laughed really hard when Kakashi just said “No.” Lol
4/2 c32 Alligator Rampage
I love to see how things change
4/2 c31 Alligator Rampage
Naruto, baby boy
4/2 c30 Alligator Rampage
A very interesting, albeit depressing, chapter. I’m glad you included it
4/2 c29 Alligator Rampage
So much progress!
Spooky ending!
4/1 c26 Alligator Rampage
Please make Ino lesbian or at least some kind of queer
Her gay vibes are so strong and it’s honestly a tragedy she’s portrayed straight imo
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