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for Dreaming of Sunshine

12/31/2011 c18 TigrezzTail
Oh, I very much liked the thought put into the REplacement technique!
12/31/2011 c18 1tsukinoyume11
Wow, this impressive. I'm happy that you come up with so many observations, which makes this story entertaining and more unique.
12/30/2011 c18 LifeIsARayOfSunshine
YAY! The chunnin exams! And it's awesome how Shikako is secretly training the boys to deal with orochimaru. Maybe they'll figure it out? Anyways man it must take a lot of brain power to figure out what to write next huh =/. Anyways how long are you planning to write this story? Till shippuden?

Anyways Hope you update soon! I liked this chapter!
12/30/2011 c18 Ynnah
Thanks for the update. This chapter felt like the calm before the storm. I honestly couldn't appreciate the good humor, team dynamics, and reasonableness of the ninja-world because of Orochimaru's presence.

I take it the next chapter may introduce Team Gai, unless Team Triple S goes directly to the third floor. Kabuto... I wonder what kind of excuse Shikako may say to discredit him to her team.

... Okay I'm seriously trying to put some input to your story, but I haven't enjoyed Naruto canon in.. about three years so I can't really help you much.. As a reviewer mentioned though, are you going to follow the usual one-on-one match, or are you honestly going to make it completely random and not fate-related? By the way your story is going, I think Sasuke will still go to the dark side.. though I hope that I'm wrong. Question though, how well have you planned this story? I mean, do you already have a timeline of events, or list of chapters where events are bound to happen? I'm just curious with your fast pace, how long did you plan this fic?

Well.. I have nothing more to say, I just felt that your fast updates needs at least a thank you review, so thanks, you're totally spoiling your reviewers. Happy New Year! =D
12/30/2011 c18 40deathgeonous
Thanks for the update(s, bye for now.
12/30/2011 c18 6xXKaminari-TsubasaXx
Ah, you never fail to find something interesting! I love how you explore more in depth into techniques; it's enjoyable and makes the story more...realistic? I'm not sure if that's the word for it, but I hope you catch my drift. I'm happy how rational Shikako is, Lord knows that team needs it. I'm not sure how much evasion will aid them when it comes to Orochimaru, but any jutsu probably would be just as useless since they don't have enough time to bridge the power gap between them. I forget what happened to Sasuke during Iruka's test, I know that Iruka attacks him, but doesn't he use Sakura too?
12/30/2011 c2 11Dreams of Shadows
I'd just like to point out that Deidara killed himself, and Itachi died because of his disease. The notable part would be that he was able to survive against the both of them and avoid the final explosion.
12/30/2011 c18 A Deathless Song
Once again the contrast between canon Team 7 and Team Triple S (pfft) is evident. It'll be interesting to see how they fare in the exams since their skill set is a bit more honed now. Which brings me to a question: in the preliminary matches, are you going to stick to the original match ups (i.e. Naruto vs Kiba, Gaara vs Lee, etc.)?
12/30/2011 c17 2Zecrea
Impressive and entertaining. I love all the analysis you do- it makes the story so much more solid and enjoyable! Not to mention, I must praise the fact that it all fits pretty much perfectly.
12/29/2011 c17 9meggoneggo
This is REALLY good. i have never read a better self insert. haven't read a lot of them actually. I love shikamaru... fer ever n always. fo sho. update soon! :DDD
12/29/2011 c17 SeijuroRen
I like the way you got sasuke out of his super emo shell. He's more human in this one. I like what you've done with your main character.
12/29/2011 c17 Nemesis Jedi
You made me watch a filler episode. Normally I'd moan on about that, but it was delightfully cracky and to top it off they made Naruto and Sasuke kiss again. So, yeah, no complaints here :P I did love the fact that canon Team 7 took most of the day to finish that mission while Nara Team 7 took a few minuets with barely any shenanigans. Nara Team 7 is a well oiled machine of ninja awesome~ Seriously, though, how did Shikako miss Jako making the Spider-Man 'hand seal' when shooting the chakra webbing? Shame on you! SHAME! XD

I really enjoy reading the sparing sessions between the team. Sasuke has technique, speed and the Sharingan, Naruto has the chakra, endurance and sheer determination, while Shikako has cunning, strategy, and shadow possession. It's nice to see their progress in each of these fights and I'm rather eager to see what Shikako will come up with in the seal department.

Heh, I was looking forward to Shikako giving the picture to her team ever since you said Yoshino had a camera trained on them during the party. It really was heartwarming... speaking of heartwarming dragging Sasuke into playing ninja with Konohamaru was pure awesome. Shikako is way to nice, though, when Konohamaru put Naruto on the spot with the 'girlfriend' comment I would have let him SWEAT.

Man that parting line ;A; all the warm fuzzys gathered throughout this chapter, brutally murdered...
12/28/2011 c17 LifeIsARayOfSunshine
Yippie an update! and I think it's cute that Shikako is somehow managing to make Sasuke have fun =D. Out of all the self inserts that I have read, this may be the best. Hope you update soon!~
12/28/2011 c17 Eggbert 3000
Ahhh! This is such an interesting story.. I really love your OC, especially her relation to her team and shikamaru. Please continue!
12/28/2011 c17 6xXKaminari-TsubasaXx
I was wondering how you were going to get them to run into the Sand Sibs since Shikako wouldn't react like Sakura (love how non-pulsed she is); you did not dissapoint! I love that Sasuke plays along. Oh, and speaking of Sakura, I'm very pleased you did not ignore her and she's happily in the medic corps. Even without his canon rock-throwing entrance, Sasuke still seems to want to take on Gaara. Not that that is very surprising. I forgot about that flashback - I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't include it, heh heh. Great chapter as always, and also as per usual I'm anticipating the next one!
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