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7/28 c138 3chronoscout
Sasuke be carrying the “no one dies” rule from Team 7 and Kakashi’s teachings into Anbu. I’m crying.
7/28 c137 chronoscout
*singing* Let it gooo.

Always take the chance to be Batman. Perfect.
7/28 c136 chronoscout
I’m surprised they actually managed to catch Hidan without Shikamaru.

Which animal alias will Shikako go by now that she’s in Anbu? I shall find out as I keep reading.
7/28 c135 chronoscout
Mei and Zabuza are getting married omg!
7/28 c134 chronoscout
Make a sword cane Bloodborne style.

Oh no. The war that’s been hinted at for the last few arcs has come!
7/28 c133 chronoscout
Anbu Sasuke in operation caw caw. *hawk noises*

Poor Shikako is going through a lot right now.
7/28 c131 chronoscout
Yeah. We do like Shikako and explosions.
But like…omg in this context the joke is so morbid. I see what you did there.
7/28 c130 chronoscout
Aoba noooooooo
7/28 c128 chronoscout
Yay! New Nara baby!
Hmm. Is Yoshino hoping that Kino stays a civilian or would he still want to become a ninja?
7/28 c127 chronoscout
Whoa. Anko is now head of the kunoichi club and on her way to becoming a Jounin!

"It's your fault, Special Jounin." - That’s rich coming from you, Mr. Anbu Sasuke.

Score for Team Kakashi!
7/28 c123 chronoscout
Oh damn. You have to wonder how much actually happened during those two years leading up to Shippuden.

Now Shikako has blind spots in her knowledge and things are not looking good…
7/28 c121 chronoscout
“And it was a training trip. It wasn’t like it was going to be dangerous.” - *nervous laughter*
No Shikako, you jinxed it.
7/28 c116 chronoscout
Sai becoming a manga author yes.

Wow, can’t believe Sailor Moon and the magical girl genre’s going to make their debut in the Narutoverse.

Writer problems…This is why the Notepad app on Windows PC, my shower waterproof notepad (Aqua Notes), and the Notes app on my phone are my best friends.
7/28 c114 chronoscout
Oh shit. Shikamaru just lost his arm.
7/28 c113 chronoscout
Maybe someday there’ll be a manga about Naruto lmao.

European Fairy Tales making their debut in the Naruto World.

Can’t believe they filmed Shikako just singing “My Heart Will Go On” to herself on the boat. Ah!

Oh man. I really hope that director guy makes it ok if he does make that Gutsy Ninja film in rain. And maybe…just maybe it’ll spread the message of the Ninja World trying to find peace. But also, Naruto’s going to get attention since his name’s the same as the main character’s.
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