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7/28 c112 3chronoscout
Whoa! The third Naruto movie with a different ninja team! How are they going to deal with Hikaru without Naruto’s Talk-no-Jutsu?

The image of kid Shikako standing in the background stoically in a tree costume is adorable.
7/28 c110 chronoscout
Ghost seal mission go.

*sniffles* Sasuke is spending New Years with a family again.
7/28 c108 chronoscout

Oh shit. Sasuke joined Anbu.

Whoo! Deer summon acquired!
7/28 c107 chronoscout
Ahaha of course Kakashi would take the opportunity to draw on his student’s face.

Poor Shikako keeps witnessing conversations she wants no part of.

Shikako and Sasuke…

Shikako is still experiencing trauma from Itachi’s Sharingan.

“Fire style chidori variant” - That’s so genius! DOS Sasuke continues to prove that he’s better than canon Sasuke.
7/28 c106 chronoscout
Tenten hug
7/28 c105 chronoscout
Good on Shikako for supporting women with muscle.

Tenten and Shikako seal friends.
7/28 c104 chronoscout
Shikako spending time with the Aburames was cool. Good on her for managing to keep her cool in front of a tarantula.

Not Tsume trying to matchmake Shikako with Kiba!
7/28 c102 chronoscout
It’s so cool to see the adults hanging out.

Ooooh Hayate.

Ibiki and his papercut haha

Ahahaha Anko and Aoba probably thought Shikako was out meeting a significant other? Haha.
7/28 c101 chronoscout
That was such great insight into how the T&I department worked in Konoha.
7/28 c100 chronoscout
Aw. Shikako gave Sasuke her earrings as a gift for his Chunin promotion.
7/28 c99 chronoscout
A lot of tension.
7/28 c98 chronoscout
Yeeeeaaah! Everyone from Hidden Leaf is a chunin now!

Shikako’s interactions with Gai and Kakashi were gold.
7/28 c96 chronoscout
“Red bull gives you wings.” - lmao

Sand carpet. - "I can show you the world..."

Oh no! Shikako!
7/28 c95 chronoscout
Daaaaaaamn. Shikako really won a match with no chakra and only using her hair. Resourceful.

Ga-Gaara *sniffles*
7/28 c94 chronoscout
My cheer for Hinata was actually meant for this chapter oops.
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