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7/28 c93 3chronoscout
Whooo! Hinata!
7/28 c92 chronoscout
Killer Bee and Yugito are here too?!
Oh. Shikako has to warn them about Akatsuki somehow.

Whoa! Even the characters from past filler arcs are here!

This Grass Chunin Exam arc is so intriguing and exciting!

I burst out laughing when I realized that Tora scratched Sasuke.
Now he knows how Naruto feels haha.

Hmmm. I wonder if Shikako will ever realize that Karin was killed in the last Chunin Exams since Karin was originally from the Hidden Grass Village.
7/28 c91 chronoscout
Ahhh! Zabuza and Haku! Along with the Hidden Mist gang of the new Mizukage!

It’s cool to see some more stuff from Shippuden show up so early!

The mass group fistbump made me tear up.
This-this is such a good sign that peace between the various Hidden Villages is possible.
7/28 c88 chronoscout
Whoa. Sai opened up so easily. Glad to see he was still safe to make it to the dinner.

Wow. Naruto swearing that he could find a better way after his brief fight with Shikako on the last mission. Now he has a different motivation to get stronger rather than getting Sasuke back like in canon. This different motivation fits him better, since he is going to have to figure out how to make the ninja world a better place, fitting the themes presented in the Land of Waves arc and the Pain arc in the canon story.
7/28 c87 chronoscout
That was intense.
7/28 c85 chronoscout
Chakra sensitivity doesn’t really work well with shadow clones…

Good for Sakura!

Danzo wtf did you do to Sai?

Whoa. Naruto giving Sai a talk a few years earlier than in canon. Wonder what kind of ripples this will cause.
7/28 c84 chronoscout
The start of this chapter was gold!

Sasuke having to use his Sharingan to look at people’s IDs lol. I can imagine how the assignment went down.
Sasuke: “My Sharingan? Do you need me to go fight off some skilled enemies?”
Mission Assignment Desk: “No. We just need you to stand in front of the village gates all day to look at people’s IDs and paperwork.”
Sasuke: “...” :

Yup, just some enemy infiltration. Just another day at Konoha’s front gates.
7/28 c83 chronoscout
Welp. Poor Shikako deals with the afterlife crisis again after a real ghost encounter.

Get you a summon who’s so loyal they will fulfill their duty long after you’re dead.

Yay. Ino gets a chameleon summon!
7/28 c82 chronoscout
Once again, I absolutely love how you use the fillers to worldbuild, show new character interactions, and lay down some future plot progression.

Linking the bounty hunter and Kakuzu was very clever.
I really hope Sazanami doesn’t get caught and hurt by Kakuzu.

I would not want to be on the receiving end of Shikako’s killing intent.

Naruto and Sai totally had to retrieve Sazanami’s sword. It’s a miracle they did so quietly haha.

Well, Shikako you have been quite the walking encyclopedia/trivia dispenser throughout this entire story so of course, Naruto has a lot of faith in you.

Whoa. So Shikako has one of Minato’s kunai now.
7/28 c81 chronoscout
Naruto just casually and coolly blocking that guy’s fist. :D
7/28 c80 chronoscout
7/28 c79 chronoscout
Lee Appreciation Time

The darker side of you that you never want to fight…Yakumo and Shikako’s plight makes me think about how Naruto may deal with his dark self at the waterfall.
7/28 c76 chronoscout
Poor Sasuke :(
7/28 c75 chronoscout
Glad to see Shikako being supportive of Sakura’s crush. She is still a teen after all.

Hinata strong.

That eye of the tiger bit was sentimental.
7/28 c73 chronoscout
Sakura Appreciation
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