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for The Darkest Light Casts The Brightest Shadow

6/10/2012 c4 Yuti-Chan
Great new chapter :)
6/10/2012 c4 16Jewlbunny
Okay, what is she planning? Well I hope to read more soon. Please continue writing.
6/10/2012 c4 Left for Milk

anyways, nice chapter. I liked the convo between Amaya and Fumiko especially when Amaya poked at Fumiko's math skills. Also goodluck Amaya, you aint getting between NAruto and Hinata ]:(
6/10/2012 c4 1LunarCatNinja
Sweet chapter, I can't wait to see how her determination changes things! W
6/10/2012 c4 3Chewie Cookies
Very nice, man! Though, honestly, I wish it had some more of Naruto and Hinata in it...Either way, this was a good showing of what's going on in the Uchiha Clan members' lives right now. It gives us (the readers) some good insight.

Keep up the good work!
4/22/2012 c3 12sakura240
Kura: Aw, now that last chapter was amazingly cute! XD

Berry: cute couple as always.

Kura: but I wonder what happened to sasuke...hmmm...will he be good friends with naruto here?

Berry: good story once again and we hope to see an update as soon as you get to this story :)

Kura: BYE!
4/5/2012 c3 1sunfun
Nice, good, exciting, interesting and original story.

2/24/2012 c3 dragonball256
THis story sure is interesting, what could Madara have been up to. I'm guessing we'll find out later rather than sooner. Can't wait to see how the Exams go this time with Naruto being so good and having a team that cares this time around.
2/2/2012 c3 4razeblaze
This story is very good, I eagerly await the next chappie :)
1/13/2012 c3 4GlidingOne
Great story. Can't really say anything except great job because if I do, I'd ruin it for everyone else.

Can't wait for an update!

12/7/2011 c3 OSR fanatic
11/27/2011 c3 1RisingMist
This was a really interesting chapter, though I didn't spot as many clues as I did in the last couple. I'll list the things that I found interesting -

1. How is the team dynamic going to work. They work well together, as you've shown, but Naruto is going to have plans too. Why didn't everyone (or at least Naruto and Neji) come up with ideas and pool them together? Just curious.

2. Shisui had his Sharingan active. Something tells me this is going to be important later. I'm also curious that he appears to have an almost one dimensional life. That isn't exactly right. He seems to be a workaholic at the least though.

3. Shisui's going to drill "these principles" into his team. I'm curious. Was it the love for Konoha he was talking about? I don't think so. What is he talking about? It wasn't immediately clear to me from context.

4. I loved how you portrayed Neji. Very well done. You kept him true to form.

5. The number of clones Naruto can make and train with! I'm curious why he should double the training time with them before his first C rank. I'm really curious. I'm surprised he didn't get a list of jutsu like the other two. If you bring in the clan/access to materials angle, the other two didn't need a list either.

6. Did Shisui know how long Neji could use the Byakugan and how far he could see already? Training with Hiashi means what exactly, in the context of using the Byakugan? Is Shisui assuming a high level of proficiency since he was trained by Hiashi or did he actually know the statistics from talking to Hiashi?

7. Naruto's clones used Rasengan to attack Shisui in the initial rush with Hinata's clones. I assumed that they used the normal Rasengan and not the wind style Rasengan. I hope I got that right. Good job on having the wind style Rasengan play a bigger role. I always wanted to see more of it in canon.

8. I liked the "Fate is my bitch." part. Nice humour there. Not in your face, but subtle and pleasant.

9. I loved Shisui's dialogue for most of this chapter. Especially when he says, "Do you have me right where you want me or do you have me right where I want you?"

10. You got the Namikaze Rendan done perfectly. That's one of the moves that most authors describe in too much detail.

11. The Hokage's interest in Team 6 is curious. I think something interesting is going on here.

12. LOL @ Hinata feeling cheesy! I liked the fluff. I didn't realize how much time people in time spend kissing.

I loved the chapter, as usual. I noticed that Naruto and Hinata slept out. Aren't they going to get in trouble. I hope not, anyway.

Thanks for writing.
11/26/2011 c3 3Shizuka Taiyou
I totally love this fic. And I love the whole Fate thing with Naruto and calling it his b*tch.

11/26/2011 c2 Shizuka Taiyou
Wow didn't expect the Hyuuga cousins with Naruto.

11/26/2011 c1 Shizuka Taiyou
Totally not good. Not good at all.

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