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11/22/2016 c10 Lloyd Max
I thoroughly enjoyed this fic the only completed Ned/Moze fic I could find. I wish this was this the real canon.
1/16/2016 c10 Guest
OH MY GOD I LOVED THIS! It was weird but amazing at the same time!
12/3/2014 c10 DraconisKam
Loved every word of this fic, thank you!
5/29/2014 c10 23NonbinaryNewt
Aww...this is sweet! I think I've already read this..but it's SO GOOD AND I CAN'T STOP READING IT!
4/29/2014 c10 11Katieghost
This is the best. freaking. story that was ever written.
That is all.
11/9/2012 c10 6Brokenangelsely
I loved this all the way through!...Although, I have to admit, the ending kinda threw me off. I WANT MORE!
It was great, and Ms. Frizzle was amazing. If only I had a teacher like that...high school would somehow make SO much more sense having her on my side.

Thanks for the story. I really enjoyed reading this.
8/2/2012 c10 10TheRavingFangirl
Just. Just. Aww I loved this!
5/5/2012 c10 10Daniella Violet Moon
Amazing. A beautiful love story in which two people get out of the friendzone with the help of Ms. Frizzle. At the end of the last chapter I literally fist-pumped. I must've been waiting the whole story for that.

From a few chapters back: "There are some planets that are flat. Some of them are even carried on the backs of four elephants riding a giant sea turtle, but Earth is not that planet." The Great A'Tuin is not exactly a sea turtle, more of a space or possibly cosmic turtle. And Ms. Friz and Death makes me smile. I would buy a shirt that said "I Heart Death" but then people would call me a psychopath...


PS The Turtle Moves...
5/1/2012 c10 Not-A-Spy
How serendipitous. A most satisfying read. After reading the Guild Saga and this, I have decided that I like your style.
3/3/2012 c10 75X59




Sorry about that I'm still a bit lost on when this went from a teacher random subjects do holyshit death or some shadowy thing is involved with said teacher who is fucking 172.

Despite that the story was all right and interesting.

The only black marks I have on it is the shit that Moze went through...I mean the money thing I can understand and the mistaken identity death thing but the whole Faymen thing and having Claire be a bitch was just weird...but the tiger..

I really don't understand the tiger part...though might because I wanted the tiger to do actually danger and give a Ned a scar or something...

This story is TV TROPE: Earn Your Happy Ending at its finest.
2/22/2012 c1 APlusAzian
OMG BEST STORY EVER I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT counldnt stop reading it till it was finished. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make another Ned/Moze fanfic.
2/11/2012 c10 3bean1998
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how swwweeeeetttttt! 
2/11/2012 c9 bean1998
2/11/2012 c7 bean1998
2/11/2012 c6 bean1998
'nice skin' a total Harry Potter reference! Ps: I love this story!
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