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6/17/2015 c1 Alice
vivement la suite
5/8/2015 c1 1Trinabear
Love the description of the bow! Does Kagome have the golden panther mark on her shoulder or her forehead? I thought it was her shoulder but wasn't sure... Can't wait for the next chapter though! On with this great story!
6/23/2013 c1 6DGtnsl
Wow; cool! I can't wait for what happens next. I wish you the best of luck with up dating. I wonder why Kagome's eyes turned silver, is it possible you are making her a kirin? That might be unlikely, seeing as she has become the full Shikon Miko. Interesting arrows, I liked their properties! ;D
2/21/2013 c1 Shadow Wolf 15846
nice really nice! please keep writting cause i would very much like to know whats going to happen next in the story.
1/6/2013 c1 TheGreatandTerribleMe
This story is awesome!

I'm really glad someone decided to make this crossover, thank you! :)
11/2/2012 c1 Wise Waters
It is good, i can't wait for the next update.
5/5/2012 c1 32Loveless an The Living Fantasy
This seems like a promising story. Please don't give up on it! Their are already so many incomplete fics and I really want to know what happens next^.^
3/31/2012 c2 yue moon
awww! that sucks it was getting good
3/15/2012 c1 Guest
Update this story! Its really good! I also hate people who write interesting beginings with no intent on finishing it. This story seems like its going to be awesome!
10/22/2011 c1 yue moon
awsome keep up the good work
9/5/2011 c1 4Di Ambrogio
Love it! :D
9/3/2011 c1 18LittleNK
what an interesting crossover! Please update soon!

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