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6/18/2023 c2 Guest
I would've loved to read an ending to this I love iroh and I adore the way you wrote him
6/8/2021 c1 Reader
I know you haven't updated in like 10 years, and you probably won't read this. But I'm really enjoying the story, and you write iroh so well. Please continue.
6/15/2020 c2 Anie
Fuck, that was so hot. I would love to see more of this fic. It’s an iroh x zuko fic so I would love to see that. It’s just so good!
6/21/2017 c2 8hansuh
I see it's been a looong time since this was updated but I'm still subscribing like the hopeful fool I am! :D I really loved the descriptions of Zuko's inner turmoil, poor angry horny teenage fireball.
7/25/2013 c1 narutoislyfe
Well, I took your advice and listened to "Kuon No Kawa", but, no offense, this just isn't the type of music I could ever write to. c: Then again, music kind of distracts me anyway. I tend to daydream, and I would start drifting away from the actual story and delve into something else. XD But, oh, that's just me. :P Usually, the only music I could listen to is really hard stuff, or purely instrumental stuff. Rob Zombie or Edvard Grieg tend to do fine. XD BUT, enough about me, this story was fantastic, and I whole-heartedly await the third chapter. :D I do hope you shall continue. ;-; It is incredibly well-written, and I loved every minute of it. c: Please, continue. I wish to see Iroh and Zuko...well...get close, in a sense. XD
12/1/2012 c2 10SkylarOakenshield
I found this hilarious! I want to see them!
11/12/2012 c2 Anon
Hmm, I admit that the incest thing is a little weird, even for me - mostly beacuse Iroh is my soul uncle and such an awesome old guy and so the first chapter was ... interesting...
However, i loved the detailed tempkink writing that you've put in this chapter. Personally, chapter two would make a pretty fine oneshot all by its self.

anyway, loved the second chapter, fantastic description!
11/9/2012 c2 37TheGodlessAngelOfDarkness
come on! no stalling! though i LOVE this story very much i casnt wait for more! XD please update soon!
4/21/2012 c2 Atramentous StygianIron
A very well written story.

Please continue!
4/10/2012 c2 Logan
I really enjoy your writing style. I feel like you capture the characters very well. If you still need a beta reader, I'd be more then happy to help.
3/2/2012 c2 25Alan's Only
awwww and here I was hoping Iroh would accuatly cop a feel!
2/3/2012 c2 9restlessheart94
First of all: I really like your writing-style and the way you describe. It's neither too short nor too long. I really like it.

I really can't expect you new chapter! I hope you get more reviews, because this story really derserves it.

Thank you for the good time I had reading it.

PS: English isn't my first language, so I apologize for the mistakes in grammar or spelling I surely made.
1/29/2012 c2 datmanman
Slashfics that involve Iroh don't happen too often.

Also, despite the absence of a Beta Reader, your writing is pretty good. I might even say you wouldn't need one.

I'd love to see this story through and through.
12/8/2011 c2 2zomgitsbrittee
This needs more reviews! Your attention to detail is amazing. Makes the story SO much more enjoyable! May I beg for more? :D
10/21/2011 c2 6prinkism
Yknow, I could be disappointed that the incest hasn't happened yet and submit a review to that effect. However. This chapter was hot (ugh, pun, unavoidable), and I'm the one waiting for you to actually write a Zuko/Iroh sex scene, so I'm a pretty messed-up individual.

Love what you're doing with this.
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