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for Case at the Hospital

10/1/2016 c1 61Ihsan997
This is incredible writing for when you were only 12. There are a few mistakes with commas and *you're, but otherwise the accuracy is high and so is thr creativity. The bloopers at the end of this first chapter were an awesome addition.
10/7/2012 c5 7ShirePuffWaifu
Oh my Arceus! This is hilarious! I especially love the bloopers! Can't wait for the next chapter! XD
4/19/2012 c5 24Karakuri Pierrot
Oh my gosh. This story totally made my day brighter and crazier. I couldn't stop laughing! nyahahahahaha! X333

I definitely LOVE your GHFBTs! Naru is such a- such a bwahahahaha... Nya~~! X33

I want to know what happens next. I love Mika by the way. ;)

Please do update. :)
3/17/2012 c5 10Sebastian's Kat
Lol this was the absolute greatest thing ever
10/22/2011 c2 25Mizumori Fumaira
i like this! i like the humor! i hope you update soon!

well, i want you add a bit of romance (in naru and mai relationship) but just a bit! (hehe)
10/16/2011 c4 5bri-chan of konoha
baha i love this chapter and the bloopers too
9/26/2011 c3 bri-chan of konoha
Haha this chap was aweesome. I love possessed john! Update soon please
9/17/2011 c2 bri-chan of konoha
Yay another update! And i loved the chapter and the bloopers. I couldnt help but laugh at the part where mika and mai put stuff in narus tea. And the flashing blooper, not perverted. Update soon please!
9/4/2011 c1 bri-chan of konoha
haha good start to the story. it was entertaining and i especially liked the bloopers. they were pretty funny
9/4/2011 c1 silentdove93
Hehehe love the GHFBT's

awesome work so far and i look forward to reading more. (Hint hint!)


Dove ;p

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