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for Lavender, Lemon, & Firewhiskey

12/16/2011 c3 Edwina B. Karch
You were right I love this one too. I'm glad I'm not the only who love Mumford and sons, and this song is one of my favorites. Another son that reminds me of Severus and Lily is Hold On To What You Believe.
12/15/2011 c3 ctc
will you continue this story?
11/26/2011 c2 12Seph7
Your story won't be well received, if you don't present it easy enough for people to read.

One word - Format.

Your paragraphs are too long, and you haven't separated your dialogue from the rest of the text. It is too much of a chore for people to have to sit and squint and the words in the hopes of extracting the story from a large paragraph of description and dialogue.

I am interested to read this story, but I won't until you re-format.
10/17/2011 c2 leigh
I really like this, the only thing is that the paragraphs are really big, and that makes it a bit hard to read. If you separate dialogue into its own paragraph it would make it a lot easier to read.

You have a great idea and with a bit of tweaking to the formatting it could be even better. :]
9/27/2011 c2 linda
wow I love it please please write more soon this is so good. I dont even know how to put it in words how amazing your story is.

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