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4/20/2017 c18 ginnyweasly1235
This is such a good story. So bad it's over.
4/20/2017 c14 ginnyweasly1235
This is such a good book. I'm so jealous it isn't mine. You're so good at writing. I liked the part where callen and kensi where "fighting" the most.
12/19/2016 c18 1MalleablePlague
Great story!

I a big fan of NCIS: Los Angeles, in particular the Callen and Kensi pairing. I had almost given up on this pairing, but then I found your story.

I hope you consider writing a sequal to this and continue to write fantastic pieces in the future.
12/2/2013 c8 Guest
6/10/2013 c18 Guest
12/20/2012 c13 Amelia
Pleaseeee right more
6/22/2012 c18 7That Aussie Gurl
Okay. Firstly, wow! I loved this story so much! You has me guessing the whole way! It was uh-mazing! :D

Secondly, I read this in one night, with distractions. Considering how long this story is I thought that was pretty impressive and shows how fabulous this story is! :D

Thirdly, I love your writing and writing style! It is so awesome! It is just, wow! Haha! I love how it is proper English, proper grammar, minimal swearing and the romance WAS romance, cute! Not over the top and unnecessary "loving" (if you catch my drift) ;) Haha!

I'm about to start another one of your stories... If I don't fall asleep cause its 10:20 here and im tired but please keep writing! Seriously, don't stop! Haha(:

Oh, and please keep writing stories shipping Callen and Kensi! I love them together! And there is definitely NOT ENOUGH stories shipping them on here! I'm trying to help solve that but ya know! Haha(:

Anywayss.. The point of all this blabbing is to basically, "great job mate!" :D x
6/12/2012 c18 reader
Well what can I say? Many twists and turns and all such loose ends perfectly tied up. Seriously I think this was one of the best stories I've read on here. A huge well done! You did a great job of keeping them all in character, really getting in their respective heads. I eagerly look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for an incredible ride.
6/7/2012 c18 1Callensi
Such a great story. Love how you can write a story with a case that actually makes sense!
3/26/2012 c18 sushi97
This is an amazing story! I never read anything like it! I am truly greatful to you because this story has just let me so interested. I never even imagined all the twists which you threw at us. I love how you made Kensi the bad then good then bad then good again. It really was fascinating! Thanks for writing this fic it has truly been a blast!
11/7/2011 c18 21AshLiz
Just read the story for the first time loved it great job!
9/23/2011 c18 89DizzyDrea
I don't know, I kinda like the ending. It's short and to the point, wraps up all the outstanding threads and sets up for the next great adventure. Plus, there's that little bit of sugar with Callen and Kensi...no bad there!

I really enjoyed this. Looking forward to more!
9/22/2011 c18 31TwilightPony21
So sorry it took me a couple days to catch up again. It's because of your wonderful fast updates - thanks for updating so frequently! It's great not only because I couldn't wait to see what happened next, but also because I think it kept the story fresher in my mind, so the chapters really flowed together. I know sometimes I've been guilty of taking a couple weeks to update, so thanks for updating daily!

And thanks so much for the Callen/Kensi story. I just love the undercover case fics with romance between the two of them. Writing romantic scenes for Callen and Kensi is tough, isn't it? I think it's partly the characters. It's hard to be romantic without being emotional, and Callen and Kensi are really not the emotional type.

This might sound a little weird, but one thing that I think helps is to make sure they aren't talking too much (in other words, not too much dialogue). Neither Callen and Kensi are especially open about their feelings, and I think they read each other's eyes more than each other's words. Sometimes they don’t have to say it - they just know it.

I don't know...does that make sense? I'm probably not describing it well. And please please please don't think I am criticizing your story. I absolutely loved the story and the Callen/Kensi element, and you do a wonderful job with the dialogue and making the characters sound so in character. But I know I find it hard to write romantic scenes for Callen and Kensi in character, so I just wanted to say that I understand.

And I still ship them! :)

I also really liked this line: "I've seen the world, Callen. I know what I'm talking about." - Ah, Hetty is so wise.

"He was about to trust her with the part of himself he guarded most fiercely – his heart." - Aww, very nice.

Wonderful story - it was a great read, and I hope you write more Callen/Kensi stories in the future!
9/22/2011 c18 5justdreaming-83
And you were worried about the ending not living up to the rest of your writing. Even though I am not an experienced writer, I do know that endings do not all have to end with a "bang" to be great. For me, this ending left me feeling that perfect balance of CONTENTMENT that C/K had taken that first step and there was hope for a happy future and, for lack of better words, INTRIGUE and CURIOSITY as I imagine their relationship blossoming and how the two of them being together will change them, as well as the "personality" of the team. How was that for a long, long, rambling sentence that probably made no sense whatsoever to anyone but me. But what I'm trying to say is, it was absolutely perfect for me. Thanks for an enjoyable fic.
9/22/2011 c18 terken
Oh, poor Deeks :D :D :D

I don't believe this is end...

Thank you for amzing story and I'm looking forward another one ;)

BTW: Season 3 premiere was AWESOME, I'm glad they're back.
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