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9/20/2011 c16 flacks girl
Really enjoying this story, I started it yesterday and have now read all 16 chapters! Loved the twists and turns and all of the suspense! Can't wait to read the last 2 chapters.
9/20/2011 c16 terken
It was amazing diversification of boring class. I read words and suddenly was end. I am glad they are ok, hope Sam is gonna be ok soon.

Well done :)

I am waiting for the next chapter ;)
9/19/2011 c15 89DizzyDrea
Okay, I read this last night on my phone, but I didn't want to risk another aborted review like the last one so I waited to reveiw until I got to my computer.

That Kensi is a sly dog! She worked Ochbar over like a pro. Of course, guys like that have such bit egoes that they can't resist a little flattery and some ego stroking.

Can't wait to see the looks on their faces when Callen and Sam come barging in. Should be highly entertaining!
9/19/2011 c15 37elevenhurricanes
I love when Kensi gets to be the bada**, especially when she's so good at it. Update soon!
9/19/2011 c15 terken
Like I said, I love cliffy :)

I guess we have to wait for information about the third target. This was great chapter.
9/19/2011 c15 5justdreaming-83
Kensi's sure has guts. That was a risky plan. I am imagining what the third location is - Hmmmmm - Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Yep. Just like our little team for everything to break loose when they enter a scene.
9/19/2011 c15 40Broken Kindle
Release the hounds! Haha, another nice chapter as always. I love sneaky!Kensi and the way you played this out. Nicely done. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.
9/19/2011 c15 5SP.SVU.B
Shit! Cliffy!
9/19/2011 c15 5rebelmagnus
Great Chapter!
9/18/2011 c14 rebelmagnus
Great Chapter!
9/18/2011 c14 5justdreaming-83
No problem with the little delay. Real life happens to all of us.

Callen lied about reading the disc. Hmmmm. I am guessing that he is afraid he'll mess up what he has - a great friendship with Kensi. He's just holding onto this knowledge and trying to act normal. Callen often has that "unreadable" expression on the show.

Interested to see what happens next.
9/18/2011 c14 terken
She's ok. She's ok! Hope she's gonna be ok in the end of this story :)

"You too?" Callen said, glaring at Sam. - best line :D

I'm waiting ;)

BTW Regret is awesome story!
9/18/2011 c14 30Merl Laurence
So I have been quietly following along with this story and I just couldn't take it anymore!

This story is so great on so many levels. Your characterizations are spot on - you manage to translate the awesome ensemble cast we see every Tuesday into your written word, even with the addition of Rose - your hints of Callen/Kensi are sufficient enough to leave me constantly salivating for more - AND you're also including an OP, a fairly intense one at that!

Truthfully, I'm sorry I haven't commented earlier, but you also happen to be quite the speedy updater. Kudos to you for that as well.

I really am, truly, enjoying your great work. Looking forward to what the future chapters hold.

9/18/2011 c14 40Broken Kindle
What no killing Kensi? Damn... haha I jest.

Nice chapter as always, I'm looking forward to seeing how Kensi and the others cope with her going back undercover and I'm still loving the character interaction.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next chapter ;D
9/17/2011 c13 5justdreaming-83
A moving letter to Callen. Ooooh. If it had not been for her near death/death experience, Callen might would have never known.
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