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for Carved Promises

5/1/2012 c1 ChrisColferMadePubertyHisBitch
happy tears! this is so cute! i have a feeling your gonna bemy new favourite writter on here :)
12/22/2011 c1 pleasedelete1234567
Omg, this was so adorable! I think it's fairly safe to say by now that I am absolutely in love with your writing. This was just as beautiful as your other works that I've read. :)
9/6/2011 c1 tastelessdays
Awww, this is too cute! Of course Blaine would do something cheesy like carving a tree, but it's Blaine, of course he'd do it. I really hope them going to NY becomes canon. All three of them. It's too good to pass up.
9/5/2011 c1 3girlinthevortex
This is really sweet. Yes the tree-carving is a little cheesy but it's just the kind of thing that Blaine would do. I like how you've written him being worried about not getting into uni in New York but his determination to go there to be with Kurt no matter what.

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