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for The Winged Demigod

7/22/2012 c11 10Kirigiri Kyouko
Well, you could a)send them on a quest, b)have Max be taken by the school, c)have Percy be taken by the school d) have the school come back e)send just Percy be sent on a quest, f)have just max on a quest, g)have Max meet "the flock" (each member seporately) h)have Annabeth meet Percy, i)have Annabeth meet Max, j)have Clairesse bully Percy, k)have Clairesse bully Max,
7/13/2012 c11 Guest
update soon please its really good
7/11/2012 c11 Guest
7/5/2012 c11 Guest
please update and make the next chapter a max pov
7/10/2012 c8 8i-am-casass
hmmmm... well you could have them not find out about her wings until they find out about her and percy being children of posiden
7/10/2012 c5 i-am-casass
what type of acting do u do? and my teacher did the same thing with the book except we had to make a cereal box for it...
7/9/2012 c3 i-am-casass
it's investigate btw and great job, I love it!
7/1/2012 c11 Guest
you forgot to put maxs pov this is her story to and for your notes that arent chapters please put the letters an(arthours note )in front of them but other than that keep up the good work oh and if you ever stop posting and discontinue please put it up for adoption its to good of a story to die
6/28/2012 c11 Guest
i suggest having a chapter about max like Percy and max getting claimed at the same time or them finding her wings or just what they think of the camp
6/25/2012 c11 1GerG SnamrekcotS
6/21/2012 c8 7aarinisreading
Who says golly these days?
5/30/2012 c10 MaddyElise
I love this story!
5/2/2012 c10 4readingisdabest
4/25/2012 c1 leader of the robbors club
yeah i think you should make chapters longer and my club is new oh well but makesure percy also has wings from your loving reader, -joey p.s. good luck with sports and school and iwas wondering what grade are you in and how old are you im curiose :P :D :) ;)
4/25/2012 c9 leader of the robbors club
awesome story good luck with your sport and school although i could use less auther notes -joey
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