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for The Winged Demigod

4/9/2012 c10 2book phan44
*smash keyboard*
4/9/2012 c10 marko37713
i love the story- and you need to update. only the thing that made me want to throw a chair was when you dedicated AN INTIRE CHAPTER to tell us your new name. Grrr... i loved the story though!
3/8/2012 c9 me
Quit putting in fake chapters in here. It makes you look stupid. And you need to update more and get a beta.
1/27/2012 c9 To lazy to login
It's a good plot line but honestly, you're not writing it very well. There are spelling mistakes throughout the story and grammar problems everywhere.

It's really cheesy too. I don't think Percy would start crying if he saw some sick girl. Even if she is his long lost sister, he doesn't know her! Sure he'd be sad if she died but that would probably be it. I don't think Percy would randomly hug his mother either. Sure he loves her but it's unrealistic.

Speaking of unrealistic, there's your speaking parts. When Percy was telling Sally about how he found Max he was retelling the whole thing exactly how you wrote it. Change things around!

Your chapters are kinda short and rushed, slow down. Write details.

Please don't let this discourage you. Try and improve. Work on becoming a better writer.
12/21/2011 c8 2Poseidon's daughter with wings
Please UPDATE! This is an awesome story!
12/16/2011 c8 2book phan44
FLY MAX FLY! err, next words are so random they cannot be typed
12/15/2011 c8 1Mythical Cloud
love the story... upddate soon!
12/15/2011 c8 D3l3t3 M3 Pl3a5e
It was very short. I know it is hard to write longer chapters but this chapter flew by dash. Other than that great job! Please update soon!
11/26/2011 c7 ScreamGrl13
I have an idea.

How about Percy got kidnapped by the School as a baby, and when him and Luke go at it, he finds out he has wings?
11/6/2011 c7 DoorsAreFun
I hate this story. No offense. Its not going anywhere, there's too much dialogue and the fact that no matter what, YOU CAN'T SPELL AT ALL.
11/4/2011 c7 Mythical Cloud
10/7/2011 c7 2book phan44
10/2/2011 c4 book phan44
daughter of poesidon?
9/30/2011 c4 Luvergirl of Books
Hmmm. Not bad, but I don't exactly know whats going on. It's definitely got potential, though.

And, hey, if you want to, I can help you with your stories. Just leave a copy in your mom's room-written or on her computer or soemthing-and if I get the chance that day in her class (and somebody tells me it's there), I'll help you out.

It'll be like getting BETA'd, but only not over the site...

Anyway. Let me know!
9/30/2011 c3 Luvergirl of Books
Okay, uh...yes, it's a word, and...yes, you spelled that wrong.

In the future, I would recommend that you leave all of your little notes for your Author's Note at the beginning or end of the fic. They kind of break up the story when they're in the middle.

Also, there's really no reason to have the same part of the story over again in a different POV when they expereinced the same things.

Short and sweet, and on to your next chapter!
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