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for The Winged Demigod

9/29/2011 c2 Luvergirl of Books
Very good, very good. Is Max a girl? I wouldn't know.

Anyway, same nitpicks as I had before. You did much better with your paragraphing this chapter, though.

I'm just gonna go on!
9/29/2011 c1 Luvergirl of Books
Hey, I told you I would start to read your story! Take that! *sticks out tongue*

Okay, so, as I've told you, I haven't read either of these stories, but I think you started pretty well. I do have some nitpicks, though.

First off, always be sure to check your spelling before posting a chapter. That makes it look a bit more professional. And if you use the thesaurus, you can find cool words that make you sound smart!

Also, the way you set up your paragraphs can really have an effect on the fic, and it can dramatize it a little bit.

...That's about it. I don't exactly have room to tell you about any OOC-ness anywhere because, as I said, I haven't read these books. So, I'm gona just go on to the next chapter. Good job!
9/19/2011 c4 MaxKatnissPotter
I love it and if you don't update I will kill you
9/19/2011 c4 Samsunggirlie
Good job alexanderrules! I'm lovin It! LOL!
9/16/2011 c2 Samsunggirlie
Hey Good story so far txt me later!
9/12/2011 c2 1max artemis potter
The women was Sally and posdien is max's dad great story By the way
9/6/2011 c1 Throy567
Wow this is good so far, i hope you continue it!
9/6/2011 c1 JustOneHellOfAReader
update soon :D
9/6/2011 c1 someone
it was pretty good i kinda wishet you finished it though but its not a story i would recomend to my freinds b.t.w in paragraph 3 ligne 1 you spelled it rong i figure by acdend cause the i and the o ar beside each other
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