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for Kasia Days: It's Full Moon Again

5/27/2016 c23 1TheQueen1615
Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your characters and your story line. You have a plausible and real character for the world and I like how you deal with the werewolf aspect of hers. I also like the rest of the characters and how you portray them. This is overall a well written story that I really have enjoyed reading and loved the sequel so far!
5/27/2016 c23 MyNameIs
This was a really good story and I enjoyed every bit! Can't wait to read the sequel!
7/4/2014 c5 2Mirre98
"He's not coming back..."
You totally jinxed it o.O
7/1/2014 c2 Guest
Hate to do this, but I am kind of a fanatic for multi-culturism. Your story looks like it is going to be really good, and I like the character of Kasia, but I just have to say: Fred II would have dark skin too. Considering that your main character is olive-skinned and brown-haired, I would have thought that you would have been sensitive about that.
8/13/2013 c8 just a person
I friggen love percy jackson... but the movies!
Oh the errors..
1/1/2013 c11 11witchcat2012
this is a very good story
10/1/2012 c22 Guest
8/22/2012 c14 IvoryDSD
I've loved Anelia since the first chapter, and she kinda reminds me of Petunia Dudley, so misunderstood.

8/21/2012 c5 ivie
HOLY SHIT! Im on chapter 5 (Swear on Dumbledore's beard) and i think her father was the wolf who did... that to her
6/24/2012 c3 XxBeneathxHeavenxIsxHellxX
I think that this will be an awesome story. I can't wait t read more.
6/23/2012 c23 Guest
This story was amazing! Brilliant job
6/22/2012 c23 38writergal24
Awesome! I really loved the atmosphere you created around the Quidditch game, and your description of what happened.

Can't wait for the new story!

6/20/2012 c23 4thedoctorspadawan
its finnished?:( ohh well THE SEQUEL HERE I COME! so excited!
6/19/2012 c22 Frittzy
Great Chapter! As for the net story how about:"Kasia Days: fur and fangs"? If you dont like it, thats what ill be epecting (im not very creative) Please update soon!
6/7/2012 c22 38writergal24
Hmm I don't know what you should call the next one! If this one had been "It's Full Moon", you could have called the next one "It's Full Moon Again," but...

I don't know, but I think you should definitely incorporate the Full Moon or something into it so people know that she's a werewolf, because that's obviously a key part of the story.

Great job on this chapter! I loved how looney everyone was when they were sick.

Can't wait for mroe :)

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