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7/18/2012 c31 angeluv45
i'm working my way through all your stories..they are all just lovely and heartwarming and beautiful! thank you for writing them. you rock.
7/18/2012 c31 3Amaryllis-Amy
This was amazing. Really really amazing. I thought about how wondeful this story was, how it touched my heart and made me cry. I am writing my own stories, but they can't even begin to compare. I really hope one day I can write the way you do. Your writing made me feel all these emotions, and it grabbed me and refuased to let go. I love this story so much, and your characters are amazing. I hope you and Marvar continue to be happy together. Maybe have your own taco stand one day. Lol. Thank you for posting this story. I'm so glad I got the chance to read it.
Love, Amy
7/17/2012 c2 3BizzyBeeCullen
7/16/2012 c31 Guest
Awwww...that was so good! :)
7/3/2012 c31 Godschildtweety
Really good
7/2/2012 c31 Daya27
Amazing story loved it!
6/28/2012 c31 cbzoo
Great story!
6/28/2012 c22 cbzoo
nothing like the first kiss
6/28/2012 c17 cbzoo
she needs to listen
6/28/2012 c11 cbzoo
wow nuf said
6/28/2012 c10 cbzoo
progress is good, very good. It is very hard to come back from some bad relationships. I swore I would never get married again, and although I have been with my partner for 30 years I still can't bring myself to get married again, the marriage was not good but the divorce was worse
6/28/2012 c6 cbzoo
6/28/2012 c5 cbzoo
fuck your neighbors who cares what they think
6/28/2012 c4 cbzoo
how come your name implies you are a man, you speak of your wife but again you could be a lesbian, I was just curious
6/28/2012 c2 cbzoo
well there is a problem to have lol
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