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4/23/2012 c23 Louisel
Okay, so I'm really enjoying this fic, I like the angst and all the rest. Don't get me wrong, I really like this fic, but I'm just a bit lost in that everyone seems to have "been left" and no one seems to have been the one who left. Until I watched my friends put up with years of shit, I never realised that being the leav-er, rather than the leave-ee, sucks balls too. In fact in some ways having the guts to leave someone who is bad for us, or apathetic towards us, is often harder than being the person who "got left"...
4/21/2012 c31 petmom1213
Great story! I really loved it. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.

4/8/2012 c1 7BelleoftheStacks
So, I've had Retail Therapy on my TBR for months now, and that's initially what introduced me to you. Recently I started following you on a twitter and with all the awesomeness you fill my TL with, I knew I had to be missing out something extraordinary when it came to your fics. Decided to start with Solstice, and after only this first chapter, I know I was right.

Bella as a character just grabs you from the beginning. It's clear already that something has turned her world upside down, and she's just trying to get through everyday without letting it consume her.

I was pleasantly surprised when it got to the end of the chapter and it was a divorce that brought her there. I think that so often we don't consider how life altering and devastating the loss that comes from ending a marriage can be, especially if it wasn't amicable. I'm excited to see what we learn about Bella's story that brought her here.
3/28/2012 c30 PuzzlePerfect9
i loved this story so much! i loved all of the pain and heartache, but that bella knew that she needed help in the beigining to begin with... i loved the divorce group, and how much it helped bella... especially because as the story progressed you could see just how much it helped, by how she felt so bad for carlisle, and that she just wanted to hug, and did hug rosalie!

and i loved how patient and kind and loving edward was! and i loved how bella realized she loved him and told him, how it was so intimate and all about them!

im sad to see this story ended! it was beautiful!
3/17/2012 c2 michigangal0223
ha didn't see that coming big cock huh
3/15/2012 c31 Suzy-Chapstick
I loved this! Thank you!
3/15/2012 c31 5Nehnah14
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

There are no other words enough for this peice.

The sadness, the hurt, the love, the happiness...all of it was beautifully portrayed.

Thank you for sharing!
3/10/2012 c31 irishnlove2shop
Awesome, story! Don't know how I missed this one! Your words never cease to amaze me.
3/5/2012 c31 fanofbones
I spent a lovely day at the office reading this.

It was a fantastic day!

I loved it and rec'ed it to a girlfriend.

3/5/2012 c31 sleepwalker1
This was really beautiful. Thank you.
3/4/2012 c31 2Moflo19
Just spent a relaxing Sunday reading this entire story. So beautiful. So many times I wanted to hug Bella and tell her how proud of her I was. I like that you didn't do the whole "wedding & baby" ending. I mean, that is a given seeing as Edward and Bella love each other. I think it was more important to show how Bella overcame her heartache to allow herself to heal, and love, be loved. But most importantly, to show that even after divorce you can pick yourself up and move on and find happiness again. :)
3/4/2012 c30 Moflo19
When the love making is so powerful that you don't need details...that is a truly special moment. Not a cockblocking fade to black and not full on smut...just..perfect.
3/4/2012 c29 Moflo19
I...can't...stop...blubbering...tearful.. mess.
3/4/2012 c28 Moflo19
O.O I just about died when she told him to stay the night with her.
3/4/2012 c27 Moflo19
I fucking LOVE Bella! *wipes the sappy tears*
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