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5/27/2015 c30 Reader-many
great story, love it
5/27/2015 c29 Reader-many
Secundaria chances are awesome, I just realice
5/27/2015 c28 Reader-many
Sweet Jesús. This is a big step líke graduation or something big
5/27/2015 c27 Reader-many
I always Wonder if doctors made a bond with the patient líke affection bond..,
5/27/2015 c26 Reader-many
Wow! That was so romantic in their way líke if they were Kids discovering new things
5/27/2015 c25 Reader-many
That is super awesome!
5/27/2015 c24 Reader-many
Love is healthy...
5/27/2015 c23 Reader-many
Yeah sometime there are worst than ours
5/27/2015 c22 Reader-many
Perfect, and one of the most beautiful kiss in
5/27/2015 c21 Reader-many
Oh my I just melt
5/27/2015 c20 Reader-many
Well they think this is their First date... ;)
5/27/2015 c19 Reader-many
:) I can see her progress trought my Eyes
5/27/2015 c18 Reader-many
5/27/2015 c17 Reader-many
And She get it wrong...
5/27/2015 c16 Reader-many
Oh! more, but Maybe She is going to Get it wrong
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