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4/12/2013 c9 1Pocket Full of Wolfsbane
UUUUUUUUUUUUUPDAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE! I have not reviewed on your story, but I've read it before. Like, last year. And you STILL haven't updated. PLEASE, update NOW! . I can't take it! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEE! Your writing's AWESOME, like how Toph is AWESOME! Update! Update! Update!
6/5/2012 c9 28mr grimjaw
this is such a great fic
6/3/2012 c8 mr grimjaw
this is a great fic
5/26/2012 c9 TezTra
Ah! At last, an update! Team Toph is amazing, as usual, and your wild kangaroo-camel (Camaroo/Kangamel?) is just classic! XD It's been a while Xorncorn-sensei, I've missed your writing so much! Oh, and I guess I've missed you as well... a bit... W-well anyway, do keep it up! You never fail to disappoint! Oh, and welcome to Team Toph, Jackie (I instantly thought of "Kangaroo Jack", upon reading) XD

Happy Days

5/21/2012 c9 Dunge0nDrag0n
this is really interesting omg i love it. i love toph x kegare. i usually hate au stories but this is really goood. omg hahah it would be really awesome if like "team toph" met up with katara and sokka for a little while and toph had met them before and kegare gets jealous of how toph and sokka act together 3
2/21/2012 c7 4Izzy Jizzy
Lyl ur stotyb. Lyk ur store continue
1/3/2012 c7 28mr grimjaw
wow this was two great chapters
1/2/2012 c6 mr grimjaw
good chapter
1/2/2012 c7 TezTra
Ah, at least they made it out okay, and I'm glad they found Zuko! But I wonder what's gonna happen with June and Zuko... Hopefully you won't be too cruel and nothing bad'll happen to them *fingers crossed* Well, anyway, great job with the writing, and I couldn't help but laugh when Kegare and Toph were flustered over the whole bathing issue last chapter ;) Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays

11/2/2011 c5 mr grimjaw
great fic
10/29/2011 c5 TezTra
Oh my Avatar... I love this! I swear I almost screamed when Ty Lee and Zuko came in! And Iroh as Fire Lord! God, you simply HAVE to keep writing this fabulous piece of work... please...

Did I mentioned that I love this? (^.^) = me, (O_O)' = you!

Happy Days

9/30/2011 c4 TezTra
Aww, poor Kegare XD But June and Toph are pretty alike badass! Fantastic work and I love the constant updates! Keep it up!

Happy days

9/28/2011 c4 mr grimjaw
great its getting better
9/19/2011 c3 TezTra
Things are heating up fast! And *squeals* Lu Ten and June have stepped into the picture! I absolutely laughed at the Cabbage Merchant reference, and when Kegare was listing all those synonyms... Please keep writing and posting, don't leave me hanging like this!

Happy Days

9/18/2011 c1 Random117860
Hey Xorncon when are you going to update your Halo 2 redder than ever story
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