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8/12/2002 c6 WePo
That was great. I hopr that more is posted soon!
8/11/2002 c6 silentflyer
This is a good story. Pleas write more!
8/11/2002 c6 Anita H
It's not fair to stop there! Although this story does contain spoilers for me I still like reading it.
8/9/2002 c6 5Autumn Ice
heh heh, a mad Herald-trainee. Well, at least she's true to form... more please!
8/9/2002 c6 Whisper too lazy to sign in
You know, I think you have something pretty good going here... I think that this is something to go on my favourites... *runs off*

and by the way, could you please explain why Devon hates Firesong so much? And isn't it about time she lost the whole queenly facade? If you just stopped it here, that would be good, don't drag it on too long, otherwise it'll get really boring. Update soon, okay? ^-^
8/5/2002 c5 5StarBlaze666
That was so good, much better than mine. And I agree with you; I would be angry with Firesong too, even though he's one of my favorite characters (except, of course, when he wanted to kill Karal ;-) ). All I can say is keep writing, and thanx for the review!
8/1/2002 c5 WePo
That was great, I can't wait till you write more!
7/30/2002 c5 Yue Kage
please please please you have to write more. That is so good. Much better then mine which I am in the process of redoing. please hurry and write more though. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
7/25/2002 c5 Lobo Dragon
I LOVE THIS! I understand completly so no rushin' you as long as you eventualy write more. ;)
7/22/2002 c5 Spooky Fyre
*dies laughing* Nice ending! I'm hyyyppppeeeer! ^_^ Next chapter! Pwease?
7/22/2002 c5 5Autumn Ice
yay yay yay! Another chapter! Devon confuses me... so please get out more soon?
7/22/2002 c5 freaklesx
It's good-keep it going, i want to know what else she does to firesong!
7/22/2002 c5 22Delphine Pryde
Oooooooooooo, more, more, more!
6/5/2002 c1 Brightsong
Also, you people do know that at the time, Firesong was mentally and emotionally being affected by the mage storms, and was going slightly insane...


LEAVE MY FIRESONG ALONE (still dreaming)!
6/3/2002 c4 brightsong
Firesong is cool! You leave him alone! Cool idea, though. I generally like the story...but YOU STAY AWAY FROM FIRESONG!

Yeah, I know, he's shay'a'chern, but he's fictional, too, and that doesn't seem to bother me!

-Brightsong k'Treva
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