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5/29/2002 c4 3Firefox
Very good, another good chapter.

Gods I love this story... I swear some of you damn authors have it in for me... posting wonderful storys and then waiting a few MONTHS before continuing it... am I being a hipocrit? Nah, I dont have any wonderful storys ^_^.

Continue damnit!

5/28/2002 c4 5drunkenfairy
Awesome chapter! I love Devon's temper, it is really amusing. Can't wait to see what's next.
5/23/2002 c3 Vaitris
All right! I've been wanting to see that happen to Firesong ever since reading the Storms series!
5/14/2002 c3 7Spooks94
Firesong got beat! Ehehehehehe! Mwhahahahaha! Write more! Must see what Devon does to Firesong...*_*
5/10/2002 c3 Bump in the Night
Very very cool story. Firefox is with me here too... she wants to say something...

HI JOCELYN! Thanx for all of your reviews. This story is great! Update soon, okay? BUH BYE!

mmph... now that she's had her say...
5/7/2002 c3 M'cha
When did Firesong threaten Karal? Could you maybe say which book it was, and around when it happened? I really can't remember. Do you have a thing for Karal or something? I mean, jeez, it's not like Firesong hurt him or anything. I kind of like Firesong, actually. He's so incredibly full of himself, it's great. Other than that unfortunate incident, I like your story. It's interesting.
5/6/2002 c3 SCWLC
Uhh, I'm confused. Why is she trying to kill Firesong? Didn't he and Karal work things out in "Storm Breaking"? I mean, if she's read the Owl trilogy, doesn't she know Firesong is occasionally a dip, but essentially harmless? Not to mention, wasn't he under the influence of that chemical imbalance brought on by the Mage Storms?

Aside from my complete bafflement about that, I'm really liking this. I look forward to the next part.
5/6/2002 c3 Yue Kage
LOL! I swear you are reading my mind or something. I was going to have Yue's companion by grove born too.
5/6/2002 c3 5drunkenfairy
Your story is awesome! I loved it when Devon smacked Firesong. I wanted to smack that twit when he was threatening Karal's life too. Write more soon!
5/5/2002 c3 3Amaris Moonsong
Some spelling errors..."Selany" is Selenay and "dehli" is dyheli. Other than that, fantastic story, and I'd really like to read more...please write more! Really great...and if you need someone to proofread it feel free to use me! I think it's funny that they think she's actually royalty because she's wearing that crown...lol. And I'm glad someone finally put arrogant little Firesong in his place! Congrats on a great story!

5/3/2002 c2 Yue Kage
that is really good, much better then mine. Now I am reinspired to write mine too. :-)
4/26/2002 c2 Pseudo
keep it going it is pretty good so far and i have relly enjoyed reading it. Well ttfn
4/24/2002 c1 5drunkenfairy
Awesome costume idea. I can't wait to see what you have in store for these guys. Update soon!

4/24/2002 c1 3Q Jackson
This is coming along well! I like the way you've started it, now all you have to do is update!
4/22/2002 c1 lucE Autumn Ice
To lazy to sign in, though your story's really good so far! When is she/he/they going to get to Valdemar? Please continue ! I like the bit about Amber eyes, it's funky!
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