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6/18/2012 c7 26mpkio2
You need to update!

I really like this crossover so far. :)
6/14/2012 c7 6Niwaki
surprise!(giggle) I wonder how Takashi and Tsuna will react please continue soon
6/13/2012 c7 3Tetractys
Seeing as how Harry isn't so cut off from the Wizarding World, I'm guessing attempts will be made to drag him back to the UK. Actually, I wonder how long it'll take before the statute of secrecy is broken. Probably sooner rather than later if Reborn is involved.

Aaaaand now everyone's going to go ballistic over Harry's birthday. I wonder what they'll get him. But they'll be just as likely to scold him, too.

I can't wait to see what happens next.
6/13/2012 c7 Yuna's Reincarnation-1
can't wait for the next chapter
6/10/2012 c7 xbamsod
I can't wait to see how the others react to that news. I'm glad that Hedwig is with Harry again. Hopefully she can help him get some funds to have a place to stay while he is in Japan. Update Soon _
6/8/2012 c7 Arfa
Hehehe it seems Harry is busted, it's time to party :))) lol after some scolding I guess :))
6/4/2012 c7 mabidiso
Harry's mysterious encounter with the illusionist was so cool. Wonder if Harry's "saving people" thing is going to kick in and he'll try to intervene for this guy. Don't have a clue what Harry could do, but he gave him that ring and might be trying to help Harry. It's a mystery. Is Gokudera going to get tranq'd soon? He seriously needs a chill pill. Over compensating teenagers...I liked how Bianchi and Tsuna discussed Harry a little. It's interesting hearing others' perspectives about him.
6/3/2012 c7 TheOrchid
I loved the appearance of Hedwig in this chapter- letting Harry's new friends get a peek into Harry's life. Hope you update soon!
6/3/2012 c7 Estelle Lumene
The idea very interesting to my mind))

I like the way you're writing - you are not forgeting about surroundings, characters, attitides. Harry and Tsuna are not Marty-Sue, which is very great, in spite of them being main characters!

And you well the person's characters and consequences, i mean - i believe that Harry coulg be good with children considering his childhood and soft and kind heart.

Also i love that you're not making jumps in developing releitionships like Harry&Tsuna, Herry&Takeshi, Nana, Biachi ang of course Gokudera!)) I'm looking forward to see what will come out of it! *I actually thought about Harry/Gokudera* Really that guy is unfair *but i want to give a credit* he's nice, loyal))

Ah, teen Lambo and I-pin are michivious, aren't they?)))

Sorry for my mistakes - English isn't my native language *lame excuse, but in case if mistakes irritates you*

I'm sorry for loss - i wish you to stay strong and optimistic and to develop you writing skills more and more)

Good Luck)))
6/2/2012 c7 skidney
That was an Awesome chapter, can't wait till the next one!
5/31/2012 c7 Roith and Lorette
Lorette: Soooo... *waggles eyebrows* Yamamoto/Harry? Sweeeeet w! Lorette happy. Lorette very, very happy.

Thanks for writing this.

Update soon?
5/31/2012 c7 4Seithr-Kairy
Woahh...I didnt know that Owl Post are /that/ fast...

I mean... To be able to send the gifts for Harry who stayed in almost half-way across the world plus all that large bodies of water in less than a day, in whet seemed like a straight flight with almost no rest for Hedwig?

*Snorts* Now that's fast... Even it looked like Hedwig was more or less had equal speed with a commercial plane...


Sorry... Not that I didnt enjoying your story, but that fact about Hedwig was almost unbelievable; unless she had started her journey a day or two before Harry's B'day?

I mean... Hedwig /is/ an Owl, right? Not secretly a phoenix that can flashing away around the world with much ease? Then shouldnt you put her capability more or less like a normal Owl should be? She might be magical, and it could gave her some boost to speed up; but please... Not /that/ much! X0!
5/29/2012 c7 1kibafang01
so is harry being paired with yammamoto?
5/28/2012 c7 17FallenHope-Angel
that was freaking awesome! i love it ands socant wait fo yooou t update!
5/28/2012 c7 19exaigon
Oh no poor Harry... I bet he completely forgot about his birthday until Hedwig arrived.

I can't wait for the next chapter!
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