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6/14/2016 c16 42Crowny
Hi! I must say that I read your story all the afternoon and evening and I love it, really. I read instead of learn my stuff for the university ahah,.but that's not the point. I'm really happy few chapters are in editing and I hope your beta will finish it soon, good luck or it's work (?) to him/her. I don't know how say it correctly (i'm french) but you know what I mean! It goes the same for you. Thx for this awesome fic and see you soon!
6/10/2016 c16 Mep101
Love the story please continue soon!
6/8/2016 c16 Iheartlife888
So you have more chapters of this amazing story and yet you have not updated in years... I see this is discontinued, good luck with life.
4/10/2016 c16 9DescendingSnow
I'm happy that I found this story as it left at a satisfying endpoint. Though it would seem chances of this updating is...slim, I'm quite sure the readers would share my sentiment if I say that I'll be looking forward to the next update. I was a tad dissapointed when Harry didn't reveal himself but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense not to tell his true identity. I can't find anything of note about as I am fairly satisfied with this.
3/18/2016 c16 Olidia Blueberry
I love this story I hope you continue it ️
2/12/2016 c16 northwind132
Please update soon. I want to see more.
2/10/2016 c16 1sakura.doom.vampire
Can you please update soon your story is great.
11/29/2015 c9 1ayahiraya
Finally! Harry contacting someone!

To be honest I know next to nothing about Katekyo Hitman Reborn but I am surprisingly enjoying this. :)
10/14/2015 c7 Reymen
So Harry have not learned anything from Ginny? Accepting a strange artifact from a unknown stranger with a description that it will "protect him from being detected by Ministry of Magic".
The stranger does not even need to lie to be harmful. One way of hiding him is killing him and burying his body in a ditch. Perfectible acceptable in that sentence.
8/25/2015 c16 Guest

Tsuna, Harry, and Sirius are collecting some of Byakuran's minions earlier than Marshmallow-head caught them this time around, huh? XD

Harry's got Magic help! *cheers* If Kimura-sama can help clear Sirius' name, Sirius can claim Harry's custody as his Godfather and tell the British to stuff it! *cackles*
I don't think Sirius would mind learning a new language to live comfortably and freely with his godson where his godson's friends are. :) And then Harry gets to live in a house with the only person he can't out-argue on the matter and won't feel guilty about "being a burden to". Sirius has the Godfather card and lots of guilt and blame shifting cards to play with the way they've been kept apart until now. *shark grin*

*fingers-crossed* Hope the others didn't get into too much trouble yet. I wonder if the Japanese use the same money for both sides? Otherwise they won't be able to buy anything, which could pose a problem soon enough. Reborn or Gokudera or MM would probably think to suggest exchanges at a bank if that happens, though it could still give them away. I wonder if Harry can access his vaults from Tokyo via some kind of transfer? Does Gringotts have international branches? If/when he visits someone more knowledgeable about money might suggest something sensible Harry wouldn't know, like bank statements and knowing your balance and whatnot. This /may/ lead to Harry figuring out he could buy /himself/ a house if Reborn or someone helps him with the paperwork.
Even not knowing the exchange rate I'd guess Harry could buy a small house in a small town like Namimori (assuming the prices aren't skewed because Vongola), though how much he'd have to spare varies greatly with how much one decides he has access too. Though if he isn't paying for Hogwarts Tuition at all that could greatly improve his available cash flow. Plus this is Harry. He'd be content in a one-bedroom one bathroom combined kitchen-and-living-room place as long as it was his, safe, and he could freely go outside.
Actually, I suspect MM might end up all over that entire problem. She likes Harry at least a bit and he has money and status in this new side to the world. Though I'm not sure how honest she'd decide to be with him about it. Would she take advantage and skim or would she take pride in her accuracy and ruthless bargaining on his behalf (and probably demand either a paycheck or presents in thanks) and use that to her advantage in learning what she'd need to know to open up new avenues of income for herself on that side of things? If she has skills on the money-management aspect of things instead of just being plain greedy and high-maintenance she could become really useful if her loyalty to Harry and/or Tsuna could be assured.
Rereading myself now I imagine MM balking at Harry's tendency to largely ignore his vaults unless he needs to refill for supplies every summer. I can see her flailing slightly and peppering him with increasingly irritated and disbelieving questions and finally dragging him into the bank and demanding to talk to whoever would be able to sort it out. XD I half-imagined Hana doing that at first, but even as pragmatic as she is she might not know that much about banking. As teenagers supported by Parents they wouldn't have as much reason to know all about it as MM would, maintaining her own accounts independently and sort-of illegally as she does. She also deals with a lot more money than the other kids do, even if she isn't right now- assassinations are expensive and she seems like she'd be careful to amass as much as possible in multiple hidden accounts.

Speculating is fun!
8/25/2015 c15 Guest
I've been half-waiting for Sirius to show up in Namimori, possibly as Harry's far-too-intelligent giant dog. If he can access his money enough to buy a Firebolt, he can probably access enough to buy a house, barring problems with paperwork.
And I honestly can't think of much that would make Harry happier, than to have Sirius hidden in plain sight in Japan, free to wander as a "normal gaijin" and perfectly safe from the Ministry, living together in a house near his new precious friends.
He certainly wouldn't accept the same from anyone else if he can help it, not without feeling guilty. Sirius at least can use the "I didn't get to take care of you as a baby when you needed me, it's my job let me do it now" argument. :)
Now who did Siri get caught doing magic by, hm~?
*bright laughter*
8/25/2015 c12 Guest
I wonder what Flame type Harry has? We didn't get to see when he was shot with a Dying Will Bullet. Maybe a "Torn Pages" can cover that from someone else's perspective- what did Harry's one experience with a DWB look like from the outside? What did the Flame aware and non-aware party-goers see? Do Reborn and the other Aware Adults have any theories?
7/24/2015 c16 Redmeadow
Love this story. Harry is pretty real yet he is coming into his own. I love the little foursome's closeness, they are developing quite the friendship amongst themselves. Will Harry stay in Japan (hope so) or will he be forced back to the UK (hope not) lol. Not sure if this story is discontinued or not, just had to comment and will hope for another update. Thanks.
5/2/2015 c15 ApatheticListlessness
Hahaha,Sirius met Zakuro?I think they'll be good friends!
4/29/2015 c7 Guest
...you just made Bianchi call Gokudera Gokudera...

(Anyways, sincerely hope you update! This is AMAZING!)
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